Foods for your skin and the Boosters that enhance its action.

Why does food not only help us feel better but also make our skin healthier?

Good nutrition is the key to feeling energized and living a quality life. But it is not what we eat, it is what our microbiota, the bacteria that are in our intestine, allow us to adsorb.

We believe that we absorb many nutrients when we eat and that is not the case. Many have low bioavailability. Like many nutritional supplements, for example collagen, its bioavailability is very low, very little is absorbed, and it must be accompanied with Silicon to improve it. Or turmeric with pepper….

So the first thing to remind you is that it is very good to take probiotics to keep our intestinal flora in perfect condition.

This month I am going to give you beauty and health tips for the skin, combining the Gemmas Boosters with healthy and specific foods for each condition.

In this post I will talk about wrinkles and dry skin.

Excessive dryness of the skin is a deficiency of Vitamin E and lack of cholesterol. Cholesterol is obtained from meat and fish, so vegetarian people tend to have drier skin.

If you have dry skin you should increase your diet in monounsaturated fats: legumes, seaweed, eggs, soy, avocado, peanuts and nuts.
As for fish, I recommend salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel... blue fish.

As a topical treatment you need a booster to deeply hydrate:

Your skin is thirsty. In addition to drinking more than 2.5 liters a day, you need active ingredients that retain water in the skin. That activate the formation of hyaluronic acid, such as hydramine.

Wrinkles form because free radicals attack collagen and break it down, so you need to take antioxidants in your foods.
Alcohol dehydrates the skin a lot.

Be careful with the sugar!! Avoid as much as possible, it is like a drug that causes bad consequences not only for health but also premature aging. Glucose causes the skin to lose elasticity.

Soy is a key food to rejuvenate the skin. Green leafy vegetables, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, celery, eggplant, onion and garlic that also strengthen your defenses.

Reduce red meat, sugar, butter, margarine, milk and dairy products from your diet. DO NOT eliminate it completely because vitamin D is in these foods and we need it.

For wrinkles and to revitalize the skin, without a doubt: Antiox Revital Premium .

It is always good to do a dtox exfoliation peeling, prior to any treatment with Glicolpeel Dtox .

I hope you liked my tips, and next week we will talk about stains. What foods and Boosters are ideal.

You can leave me any questions below, and if you want a personalized diagnosis with a video call, make your appointment .

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