serum contorno de ojos, ojeras, bolsas y líneas de expresión.

When do you need an eye contour? What assets do you need and how to apply it?

The skin around the eyes has a much thinner epidermis, so if there is vasodilation or blood accumulation, it will be seen through the skin, making the area look purplish or bluish and giving that tired appearance.

Genetically it is an important factor. We usually inherit bluish dark circles. But lifestyle is key to not enhance them:

Preventive routines:

  • Fight stress, through exercise and meditation, mindfulness.
  • Rest
  • Eat healthy foods and lots of antioxidants.
  • Prevent self-medication.
  • No to tobacco, no to alcohol or drugs.

It may be that your dark circles are not bluish and are brownish pigmented, this is due to a greater deposit of melanin, due to excess sun and hormonal changes and even due to incorrectly wearing glasses with gold or silver rims as they reflect more sunlight.

The assets that we are going to need will be different if the dark circle is bluish or brown.

The area around the eyes is much more sensitive, and it is an area where we can observe not only dark circles, but also more or less marked expression lines, depending on our care routines and of course our gestures.

The cleaning routine is very important. If you wear eye makeup, you need cleansers formulated with oils that better remove pigments and hydrate the skin.

Between the eyelashes, if we do not have good hygiene and care routines, a tiny mite appears between our follicles, Demodex folliculorum, which can cause blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelid.

This mite lives on the nose, forehead, cheek, chin and the roots of the eyelashes. It has a vermiform shape, and feeds on dead skin secretions. She can lay up to 25 eggs in a single follicle, and the young remain attached to the follicle until they grow.

It does not cause diseases, but it does cause skin disorders.

Inflammations and infections on the face are usually the result of an excess of mites in a single follicle. In addition, conjunctivitis and make eyelashes fall easily.

Demodex is related to the skin disease rosacea, characterized by redness and infection of hair follicles, proliferation of blood vessels and inflammation.

You always need very good facial and eye contour hygiene, and if you notice inflammation of the eyelids, apply an antibacterial ophthalmic spray to help treat blepharitis and disinfect the periocular area; It contains hypochlorous acid with antibacterial action that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in just 15 seconds, without the need for rinsing.

The cleanser should have a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 to not be irritating.

Do not apply castor oil, for example, to strengthen eyelashes, it can cause blepharitis as it is very occlusive.

What does your contour need?

You will need antioxidants, blood capillary protectors, oxidized vitamin K, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, peptides with neurodermal action among many others, and of course sun protection.

Protecting and hydrating from ages 18 and up means aging better.

In dark circles under the eyes we will add depigmentants and vitamin C to the formula that help to even out the tone. Always being very careful that these formulas do not enter the inside of the eye.

The dark circles under the eyes may be a mixture of bluish and brown, since we will combine the active ingredients.

If there is sagging in the area, then you will need active ingredients such as DMAE; or other active ingredients obtained by encapsulated and sustained release technology that more deeply activate the collagen in the periocular area.

With age, fluid retention can also occur, and we will need draining active ingredients such as caffeine, arnica, ruscus...

There are many active ingredients and ingredients that help correct the signs of aging, a personalized diagnosis is always preferable. Well, many people have this area more sensitive and the remedy could be worse than the disease, causing inflammation.

How to apply them?

Through a draining massage with your fingers, pressing the lower eyelid with circular touches.

Performing isometric exercises using pressure.

And you can also use ideal tools for drainage: Gua sha and the Jade Roller.

Grab the gua sha and our Restore look Serum and start now!!…

Clean the area well and apply Restore look Serum with touches and circular massage, when it has been absorbed start working with Gua Sha:

Drainage of the lower eyelid: take the pupil as a reference and make an outward movement to bring the lymph to the preauricular nodes.

Drainage of the upper eyelid, likewise, a similar movement.

But the inner part of the eyelid must be drained in a counterclockwise direction, bringing the lymph back to the preauricular area.

The forehead is treated from the middle to one side and the other, and taking the lymph to the preauricular area.

Subsequently we have to lower the lymph to the lymph node under the jaw and then to the clavicle, to drain the entire face.

Start at the age of 20 to take care of your eye area with moisturizing active ingredients and sunscreen, good hygiene and a specific Serum for it. Over the years you will appreciate it.

The Restore look Serum, concentrated in active ingredients, prevents and corrects dark circles, bags, expression lines and redness of the skin.

If you would like to know which treatment is yours, do not hesitate to write to me.




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