Retoques Médico Estéticos que te mantienen joven sin perder naturalidad.

Aesthetic Medical Retouches that keep you young without losing naturalness.

Active cosmetics and nutri cosmetics improve the appearance of your skin naturally. You already know that they help soften expression lines and blemishes, revitalize the look, provide smoothness, hydrate... but there comes an age, starting at 30 for example, depending on the lifestyle you have led, that if we want to prevent expression lines, or if we are self-conscious about acne marks, or blemishes, or we have excess flaccidity,... we can assist an aesthetic medical professional who will help us with more ablative techniques such as Botox, laser, tension threads, fillers. that our appearance regains its harmony and beauty.

As everything will depend on self-esteem or how good we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror.

What is clear is that aging is not a disease, it is about our evolutionary process and we must accept the changes without becoming obsessed.

The professional we go to for touch-ups is very important. I trust Dr Natalia Ribé , from the Institute that has carried her name in Barcelona for many years. Top International Doctor.

Dr Natalia Ribé has designed the five techniques to have a rejuvenated and harmonized face, which have been awarded at Les Nouvelles Esthétiques.

With these treatments the naturalness is not lost. And to improve skin quality and post-treatment, they are combined with our Gemma's Dream skin boosters with results from the first applications inside the dermis and epidermis.

· ATENEA© is Dr. Natalia Ribé's personal technique for eye rejuvenation, which eliminates dark circles, filling and redensifying the periocular area, while eliminating any trace of fatigue or sadness. You get a look full of luminosity and youth. The technique consists of applying a specific hyaluronic acid gel using a needle or cannula in a linear, retrograde and fan fashion to fill and redensify the periocular area in a natural and lasting way.

As a post-treatment, Restore look serum is applied, thanks to its composition of oxidized vitamin K, which helps soften the bluish haggard or bruised area. And active ingredients like X50 Dron that soften expression lines along with decongestant ginger and caffeine.

It is a very repairing Serum that is not greasy and is absorbed very well, allowing easy massage and rapid absorption.

·VIBIA SABINA© TECHNIQUE , to combat facial sagging. As the years go by, the supporting structures of the face are lost and the triangle of youth is reversed. VIBIA SABINA© collagen-inducing therapy to combat facial sagging and achieve the “V effect” by elevating all structures and redefining the facial oval. It is a specific collagen-inducing therapy adapted to the facial area, which consists of performing it at three single injection points: one in the upper third (the upper part of the cheekbones), another in the middle third and another in the upper third. lower, at the mandibular level.

As a post-treatment depending on the skin type, you can use Instant Firming , Instant Beauty and Revital Premium at night.

·BRISEIDA© TECHNIQUE , for filling cheekbones. The inverted facial triangle is an indicator of the youth of a face, where the cheekbones are the most pronounced area, giving facial volume. Therefore, when you want to recover the triangle of youth, it is essential to treat the cheekbone area. BRISEIDA©, also called youth triangle, fills sunken cheeks and reshapes the facial oval. It is developed with a needle/cannula with a specific volumizing hyaluronic acid gel, used for cheekbone implantation. This product is ideal for increasing the soft tissues of the face and giving volume, thus recovering the beauty triangle.

The post-treatment at home would be with Instant firming , thanks to DMAE and tens up and the redensifying active hydramine, and can be combined with Revital Premium, an antioxidant cocktail with 360º anti-aging action.

·CLODIA© TECHNIQUE, to rejuvenate the lips The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our body, therefore, they require special care, and especially now, when they suffer from prolonged use of masks. CLODIA© is Dr. Natalia Ribé's personal technique for rejuvenating the perioral area, specifically designed to achieve more defined, hydrated and voluminous lips.

The protocol is specific, adapted and directed to the needs of each patient, whether men or women, and consists of applying, in the perioral area, with an ergonomic needle, a specific hyaluronic acid gel, with an ergonomic needle, to treat different objectives: 1. Outline and redefine lips 2. Refresh and hydrate lips 3. Provide volume to lips

The post is with the Instant Repair skin booster, concentrated in hyaluronic acid to keep the lip hydrated, along with a lipstick.

· AMARNA© TECHNIQUE , for a slim neck. The neck is one of the forgotten areas that most reveal our age, its skin is more delicate and the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid over time means that this area requires specific care. Furthermore, the continued use of technological devices, which has been accentuated by teleworking, gives rise to what is known as tech-neck syndrome, which influences premature aging of the neck with an increase in wrinkles, weakness, sagging and loss of tone in the neck. said area. AMARNA© is Dr. Natalia Ribé's personal technique to rejuvenate and firm the neck area. It is a dynamic duo technique that, based on hyaluronic acid, works on two levels, thus acting directly on the laxity and quality of the skin.

As a post treatment we have Instant firming and Revital Premium .

To improve the results of all these techniques as pre-treatments, I recommend using the skin youth booster, Glicolpeel Dtox.

If you have any questions, you can write to me and I will explain what you need to achieve your goals.

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