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Oneceutic Drena Dtox Booster- 250 ml - DIET LIFE: Detox Solution: Special slimming diets.

Oneceutic Drena Dtox Booster- 250 ml - DIET LIFE: Detox Solution: Special slimming diets.

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Solution with draining and detoxifying action on the body, ideal to combine with Burning Weight. Prevents and corrects fluid retention, promotes digestion and eliminates toxins, thanks to its active ingredients:

Fructooligosaccharides: Related to weight loss, it acts like all soluble fiber: it helps reduce the absorption of fats and sugar and provides a satiating effect, while stimulating intestinal transit.


L-Carnitine: The main objective of L-Carnitine is to accelerate the oxidation process of fatty acids to generate more energy.


Horse tail: It has diuretic properties, so it is used in cases of fluid retention as well as being a powerful remineralizer.


black radish: It is said to be choleretic and cholagogue, which means that it is capable of stimulating the secretion of bile by the liver and facilitating its elimination. In this way, it also helps protect the liver. It is not only a liver drainer, but also a urine drainer.


Romero: Good digestion is essential if you want to lose weight. If you manage to digest your meals well, your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients much better, eliminate waste and forget once and for all the annoying digestions, the flatulence and the constant belly pain. Rosemary has carminative properties, it helps eliminate gases that accumulate in the digestive system.


Green Tea: It has diuretic properties that help the body eliminate those substances that it does not need, thus combating fluid retention.


boldo: Thanks to the diuretic, cholagogue and choleretic properties that this medicinal herb possesses, it helps us detoxify the body and eliminate retained fluids, since it favors the proper functioning of our basal metabolism.


Artichoke: The artichoke has purifying properties and a diuretic effect that promotes weight loss. Perfect to avoid liquid retention. In addition, it favors the digestion of fats and the elimination of toxins from our body.


Fumitory: It has choleretic and cholagogue properties to stimulate the liver and gallbladder and increase the production and excretion of bile, favoring better digestion of fats and the elimination of toxic substances from the body.


Burdock: The diuretic properties of burdock are used in the treatment of fluid retention or edema.

Its anti-inflammatory and laxative effects reduce slow digestion and stimulate the elimination of toxins that interfere with gastrointestinal health.


corn stigmas: Acts at the kidney level eliminating excess fluids, increases the feeling of satiety and purifies (accelerates liver metabolism).


Grams: It is indicated to stimulate the production of urine and to favor the elimination of toxins through it.

It shows a slight protective and purifying effect on the liver.


Naranja because: It can help burn fat through the activation of the metabolism, the elimination of retained liquids and the improvement of digestion.


B vitamins: They are necessary for the digestion of sugars, proteins and fats and are essential for the synthesis of DNA, the formation of blood, hormones and neurotransmitters, as well as for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Due to its key functions in the digestive system, the B complex is an ingredient that is essential if you want to lose weight or burn fat in a healthy way.



Take 10 ml daily, before the main meals or 20 ml diluted in 1.5 liters of water, juice or infusion.



Demineralized water csp 20 ml, Fructooligosaccharides 200 mg, L-Carnitine 200 mg, Horsetail E.F. 0.1 ml, Black Radish E.F. 0.1 ml, Rosemary E.F. 0.1 ml, Green Tea E.F. 0.1 ml, lemon powder aroma, Boldo E.F. 0.05 ml, Artichoke E.F. 0.04 ml, Fumaria E.F. 0.04 ml, preservative (potassium sorbate), acidulant (citric acid), Burdock E.F. 0.02 ml, Stigmas Maize E.F. 0.02 ml, Gram E.F. 0.02 ml, Bitter Orange E.F. 0.02 ml, Vitamin B3 8.8 mg, sweetener (sucralose), Vitamin B2 800 μg, Vitamin B6 800 μg, Vitamin B1 560 μg, Vitamin B9 100.8 μg and Vitamin B12 1.31 μg.


per daily intake

20 ml


Vitamin B1

0,56 mg


Vitamina B2

0,80 mg


Vitamin B3

8,80 mg


Vitamin B6

0,80 mg


Vitamin B9

100,80 µg


Vitamina B12

1,31 µg









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