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Gemmas Dream

Firm Peel – Treatment Set

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A Set to treat firmness and even skin tone.

Thanks to the combination of the Instant Firming booster and Glicolpeel Dtox.

A moisturizing exfoliation is performed every night, thanks to the high concentration of lactic acid together with other exfoliating acids, which will also favor the absorption of the firming booster.




Shelf life: 7 days +/-

Includes a sample sachet of Restore Look serum to treat the eye contour and expression lines.
Recommended treatment for people who want to correct the signs of age, blemishes and flaccidity.
Objective: Facial firmness of the oval neck, cheekbones, and neckline. Uniformity of tone and luminosity.


How to use
Shake before using.

DAY – Instant Firming: Active instant and progressive action.

Apply the Restore Look Serum sachet to the eye contour and expression lines.

NIGHT: Glicolpeel Dtox: skin exfoliation with moisturizing active ingredients. When applying it, a slight stinging may appear that disappears immediately.

DO NOT apply to skin intolerant to Glycolic Acid.

Open the ampoule with the breaker, apply with upward massage and store the remainder in the box vertically, closing the lid.


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


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