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Instant Repair Pack + DNA Repair Cream

Instant Repair Pack + DNA Repair Cream

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Restorative and nourishing facial beauty pack

The solution to repair, nourish and hydrate your skin.

The combination of Instant Repair and Repair DNA will help you obtain the best results and healthy, radiant skin. A pack specially designed to repair damaged skin and improve its elasticity.

Instant Repair

Treatment with concentrated natural ingredients that make the skin progressively improve its appearance, making it feel much healthier and younger from the first applications.

Its concentrated composition of active ingredients, together with the absence of water, make it a protective and repairing Booster for skin attacked by the sun, cold, waxing, shaving... hydrating and repairing it from the first application.

Repair DNA

DNA Repair Cream with Stem Cells

Night cream and mask, nourishing and repairing for the treatment of photoaged, dry and chronologically aged skin.

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