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Gems Beauty Lab

Re-Vitality Ritual +35 | Well aging 360°

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What does it consist of?

◉1 Revital Premium
◉1 Restore Look Serum

What do we get?

Comprehensive 360º revitalization and rejuvenation of the eye contour, expression lines, redensification of the skin and firmness.

We soften dark circles under the eyes, bags due to fluid retention and redness thanks to the ingredients of Restore Look Serum (day).

Revital Premium (night) formulated with Vitamin C with gold and Glutathione, encapsulated retinol and Vitamin E, activates collagen and elastin.


 Remove make-up beforehand

  • Apply Restore Look Serum
  • Apparatus, radiofrequency, working the contour with facial yoga exercises, for example.
  • Apply Revital Premium with Kobido massage
  • Optional mask.

Once the cabin treatment is finished, the professional will decide with which Boosters to continue the treatment at home, varying them depending on the season of the year and the person's needs.

In the Gems Method we take into account the emotional state of the person, the type of diet and the routines of sport, rest and mental well-being.

We improve the skin from the first applications with Gemma's Dream boosters.

Facial yoga or facial fitness exercises and specific massages to correct flaccidity and expression lines at home are also very important.


The heat of the massage and tightening of the key points helps to improve the penetration of active ingredients and improve the lymphatic system, favoring the drainage of toxins and thus preventing fluid retention, causing bags in the eyelids.

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