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Gems Beauty Lab

Skin Roller with microneedles

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Microneedle roller for skin care, facial massage and anti-aging treatment.

Roller with 540 microneedles (0.3mm)

Anti-aging, regenerating and collagen-stimulating treatment with firming action.


  • Thanks to its massage with the 0.3mm surgical metal microneedles, the penetration of the Gemma's Dream skin boosters (Instant Repair or Instant Firming) is favored.
  • You can boost the effectiveness of the Ritual at home with the Jade Skin Roller.
  • The massage activates the formation of collagen, a smoother skin is achieved by correcting flaccidity.



How to use your Microneedle Skin Roller:


  1. Sterilize the microneedles with alcohol for 15 min before use.
  2. Wash the face and the neck or décolletage area if you wish to apply with a make-up remover soap.
  3. Carry out the massage perpendicularly according to the drawing, from top to bottom and from right to left (repeat the same movement 4-5 times). DO NOT press hard just slide gently.
  4. Apply Instant repair (to hydrate or repair wrinkles) or Instant Firming to firm up.
  5. Re-immerse the microneedles in alcohol for 15 min and store in the case when it is completely dry.


  • For personal use only, do not share with anyone.
  • It can NOT be used on skin with wounds.
  • DO NOT use if the patient is allergic to metal.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • DO NOT use on sensitive skin.

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