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Gems Beauty Lab

Skin Roller with microneedles

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Microneedle roller for skin care, facial massage and anti-aging treatment.

Roller with 540 microneedles (0.3mm)
Anti-aging, regenerating and collagen-stimulating treatment with firming action.

  • Thanks to its massage with the 0.3mm surgical metal microneedles, the penetration of the Gemma's Dream skin Boosters ( Instant Repair or Instant Firming ) is favored.

  • You can enhance the effectiveness of the Ritual at home with the jade skin roller.

  • The massage activates the formation of collagen, achieving smoother skin by correcting sagging.

    How to use your microneedle Skin Roller? :

    1. Sterilize the microneedles with alcohol for 15 min before use.

    2. Wash your face and neck or décolleté area if you wish to apply it with a makeup remover soap.

    3. Perform the massage perpendicularly according to the drawing, from top to bottom and from right to left. (repeat the same movement 4-5 times). DO NOT press hard just slide gently.

    4. Apply Instant repair (to hydrate or repair wrinkles) or Instant Firming to firm.

    5. Immerse the microneedles in alcohol again for 15 min and store in the case when it is dry.


    1. For personal use only, do not share with anyone.
    2. It cannot be used on skin with wounds.
    3. DO NOT use if the patient is allergic to metal.
    4. Keep out of the reach of children
    5. DO NOT use on sensitive skin.

    The dream of beauty

    Gemma's Dream formulas are characterized by the innovation of concentrated natural effective active ingredients and other pharmacological ingredients with High Tech biotechnology.
    efficacy studies.

    Gemma's Dream , consists of a variety of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals with history, they are the evolution of the Know How and experience of Gemma Prudencio, a cosmetologist pharmacist with 20 years of experience, with formulas awarded at the IDermo Awards in 2016-2017. Their work has been recognized in 2020, with two Awards, one in quality and innovation A TU SALUD and in the Pasteur Awards of the Economics Association
    and European Competitiveness, in pharmacy research.