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Gemmas Dream

Vitality - Treatment Set

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Dermatologically tested


The Vitality Set combines Instant Beauty in the mornings, a protective booster of the skin barrier with antioxidant active ingredients, its action is reinforced with other active ingredients such as ginseng that tones and calendula that protects the skin layer.

At night Instant Repair, which provides an activation of cell regeneration while sleeping and moisturizes the skin, thanks to its active ingredients.



Includes a RESTORE LOOK SERUM treatment sachet, for the eye contour (dark circles, bags and expression lines).

Shelf life: 7 days +/-

Recommended treatment for people who want to have healthy skin with vitality. Protecting it from external factors such as the sun, pollution, masks...

Objective: Revitalize and maintain radiant and hydrated skin.

How to use

Recommended for all skin types.

DAY– Booster Instant Beauty: Antioxidant and tensor active ingredients.

Apply the Restore Look Serum sachet to the eye contour and expression lines.

NIGHT – Instant Repair Booster: We apply moisturizing and repairing active ingredients with an anti-wrinkle effect.

Apply every morning/evening on a clean face by massaging upwards and store the excess in the box vertically, closing the lid.


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


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