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Self-exercises and massages with medical-aesthetic and nutricosmetic formulas.

After going to a beauty center where they can do a Dream Ritual, we should also learn to apply cosmeceuticals well and combine them with massages and repetitive exercises to achieve better results. It all adds up.

In addition, we should complement our diet with some supplement that helps our skin hydrate inside and out, for example, or provides more elasticity and activates collagen, or that gives us more energy and combats cellular oxidation... well, in a hurry and work, we often lack sufficient nutrients in our diet.

Thanks to the connection that exists between the skin and our emotional side, we know how good a massage feels, the relaxation it offers and at the same time the benefits it brings to the skin.

Due to lack of time and desire, we don't massage ourselves as we should, and of course we like to be given a massage more. There are caresses and massages that give goosebumps!

If you follow me on social media, you will see that I share my massage routines and application of my formulas to have better results. We have to exercise the facial muscles just like those of the body . It is about bringing awareness to these exercises and repeating them every day along with the application of the formulas.

Performing a self-massage is a matter of habit and desire. The benefits are multiple:

  • Relaxing effects, improved blood circulation, improving the appearance of the skin.
  • We free the mind from the external pressures that cause muscle tension, headaches, aging, dark circles, etc.
  • We better control negative emotions, improving our mental state.

Doing self-massage yourself means being healthier (fewer headaches, reducing stress, providing flexibility and preventing unnecessary injuries, promoting digestion, improving constipation...), beautiful (preventing flaccidity in the body). , you improve and reduce cellulite, expression wrinkles become softer and fainter, facial tension is reduced and you hide dark circles, you revitalize the skin, you provide luminosity) and happiness (the tensions that accumulate in the shoulders are avoided, Restful sleep is facilitated and you disconnect from problems, mood improves)

Breathing is an essential element to obtain all the benefits of a self-massage. Thanks to it, relaxation is achieved to free us from tension.

How to breathe well?

  • Lie on the floor, looking up, with your knees bent.
  • Rest your back firmly on the floor and draw your navel in, as if you wanted to hit your back.
  • Breathe in through your nose so that it reaches your belly.
  • Swing through your buttocks and expel air through your mouth.
  • Apply this procedure while you get a massage.

What should your posture be?

  • The trunk should be supported on the lumbar spine, so that they do not suffer.
  • The back should be straight and the ribs should be in front of the navel.
  • The body rests on the soles of the feet.
  • The belly rises upward and the head is high as if it were being pulled.
  • In massages and facial exercises we must consistently apply Gemma's Dream Skin Boosters , keys to correcting conditions and signs of aging. Tools like roller and gua sha are interesting.
  • Massage favors its absorption, and repeated exercises tone the muscles.

How to relax your face?

  • When we get home we should think about doing a few minutes of exercises to release accumulated tension from the entire day that is reflected by making dark circles and expression lines more noticeable.

I am attaching three exercises that will help you beautify your skin and at the same time relax.

  1. Stretch the chest muscles down and at the same time the neck, repeat the exercise on both sides, 5 times, breathing deeply, take in air through your nose and inflate your belly, count 5 seconds and expel it until there is nothing left in your mouth. belly.
    It would be interesting if when you expel everything you squeeze your abdomen as if it were a zipper that goes up, closing the vagina and urethra and the sphincter (Kegel exercises, we will strengthen the pelvic floor at the same time).
    Use Instant Firming or Revital Premium for the massage, to activate collagen and firm the skin.

  2. Caress and press your temples a little, releasing tension.
    Restore Look Serum is ideal for massaging the eye contour at the same time, providing freshness and softening expression lines and dark circles. Do this exercise for 1-2 minutes.

  3. Place your entire hand on your cheeks and drag your cheeks back. Perform this massage slowly 10 times. You can apply any skin booster according to your skin type. Revital Premium is ideal as a revitalizing agent.

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