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What happens to us at 18-28+ years, identity crisis. Are we looking to be a PRETTY WOMAN?

Emotionally at this age there are many insecurities, low self-esteem, low confidence... identity crisis. All this generates a lot of anguish, perfection is sought. If you have teenage children, you may be living it or reliving it...

They want perfection in their skin and body, wanting to look like models, not accepting themselves can cause them a lot of anguish and emotional stress as well as illnesses, anorexia and bulimia, acne...

TIPS Beauty. Specific cleaning of each skin type, protection and hydration is very important.

Uses moisturizing and antioxidant liquid skin enhancers. And above all, regular cleaning enhancers, with an exfoliating enhancer.

Sunscreen is key.

Recommended Skin Boosters would be Instant Beauty, Instant Repair and Glycolpeel dtox.

TIPS Life: Drink plenty of water, aerobic sport, such as cycling or dancing that builds self-confidence and security.

Ages 30-45+, midlife crisis, existential. We seek WELLNESS and MINDFULNESS.

Family procreation ages, divorces….

Exhaustion begins, facing personal, family and professional life.

Hormonal revolution in pregnancy. Physical exhaustion with young children.

If you dreamed of undertaking, making your life's dream come true: tensions and stress... you feel that your opportunities are running out. You live with anxiety and you must learn to live in the present, forget the past and forgive and project the future, but without anxiety. Set objectives and goals.

At the skin level... the first expression wrinkles, dark circles and bags appear. Flaccidity, stretch marks...

Happiness remember is the path you travel, it is not the destination.

“As an entrepreneur I can tell you that personal success precedes professional success.”

Beauty tips:

We need to treat the skin with specific health and beauty activating formulas that activate your usual creams.

Instant Firming Skinbooster, active ingredients that enhance facial and body firmness.
Restore Look Serum, eye contour treatment and expression lines.
Antiox Revital Premium, our innovation to treat the signs of aging globally with Antioxidants such as Vitamin C with gold subparticles, encapsulated Retinol, Vitamin E, superfoods such as turmeric and ginger, hyaluronic acid and hydramine.
If there are spots in pregnancies, previously apply Glicolpeel dtox.
Life advice: Aerobic sports, pilates for postural control and strengthening of the spine, we begin to practice mindfulness therapies that help us relax, communicate our feelings to someone and always look for the desire to laugh.

+50, the hormonal revolution…. Peri and menopause, we are looking for WELLAGING.

In maturity, we care about quality of life, not perfection.

The emotional balance.

We already know what we don't want.

We better understand the concept of love, first it is loving oneself and pampering oneself, to then be able to share it with another person or with others.

But at this age, hormones are the protagonists along with possible degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint wear, stress...

Depending on the lifestyle we have led, our skin and body will feel better.

This age is characterized by dry skin, flaccidity, spots, dark circles, bags...

But the key is knowing how to wear it and correct it: REVITALIZE THE SKIN.

Beauty tips:

Natural aesthetic medical touch-ups along with specific skin enhancers that will activate these treatments along with a prior personalized diagnosis.

life tips:

Of course, a specific diet for this age rich in vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, collagen..., some nutritional supplement that complements our diet. Eat healthy, of everything and do some depurative intermittent fasting.

Sport must adapt to our age, reduce the high impact of sports such as yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling.

Communicate and keep ourselves always busy, with a job that we are passionate about.

Choose the travel companions that add to your life.

Helping others and being grateful brings happiness.

Go for smiles and avoid hanging out with negative toxic people.


Beauty at this time is imperfection, it is being authentic, original: being oneself.

Reborn, but with much learned.

You discover that it is the small details that surround you that make you feel good.

You value relationships more.

My goal is that if you have 60 apparent 50 in less than 1 month.

Make you live a personal transformation of your skin and your being.


If you have felt better reading this article I will have achieved my goal.

If you want a personalized diagnosis, you just have to contact me and you will start with me a new path of happiness Beautylife without return.

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