4 pasos para realzar el contorno de ojos 360º

4 steps to enhance the eye contour 360º

Why revitalize your look with facial yoga and active cosmeceuticals?
Since the pandemic, our routines have changed, we have to take better care of ourselves, the concept of health prevention is imperative, both physically and mentally.
Our gaze expresses itself and speaks.
You should know that the eye area is the most delicate area of ​​our face.
The skin around the eyes is characterized by:
  • Be much finer and more delicate.
  • Having few collagen and elastin fibers favors the appearance of expression lines sooner due to the constant gesticulation of laughing, blinking, squinting to protect ourselves from excess light... it is the area of ​​the face that ages faster.
The blood vessels are very thin, blood circulation is slower and the lymphatic system drains worse, retaining fluids. This also facilitates the appearance of bags due to fluid retention.
  • As circulation is slower, the deposit of toxins is also favored, giving a bluish tone, dark circles.
  • It is a more unprotected area, it has fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, which are responsible for hydrating the skin and protecting it.
Collagen and elastin fibers form an elastic mesh that keeps the skin taut and in good tone. With age, this mesh folds, loosens and sags, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and bags that accumulate water and fat.
The upper eyelid also suffers, depending on the physiognomy of the eyes, it tends to droop and give us the appearance of being tired.
Therefore, prevention is the best medicine, and that means delaying premature aging by activating the molecules of our body with active ingredients that work in cosmetics, before moving on to aesthetic medicine or surgery, but combining them with muscle activation exercises and stretching.
All of us, men and women, need to incorporate an eye contour into our routine. I would say that it is one of the most important cosmetics, and if it is also multi-use the better, it can be used for everything.
From the age of 25 the first signs of aging appear, dark circles, expression lines and now with so many hours on the computer we should introduce this product into beauty routines.
Did you know that healthy and beautiful skin is enhanced when you put on makeup? We must achieve health in our skin, it is the key to natural beauty.
People are becoming aware of how important it is to have healthy looking skin and then move on to decorative cosmetics or makeup, not the other way around.
First health and then beauty.
That is why it is important to use active treatment cosmetics.
Eye contours should be chosen with effective active ingredients and specific excipients for this delicate area. The textures should be soft and absorb quickly.
I do not recommend applying an eye contour at night, let alone a cream texture , if the person's tendency is to retain liquids regularly, because they will wake up with swollen eyelids.
What dark circles, bags and wrinkles have in common is that they appear when there is a circulation and drainage problem in the area around the eyes. Poor drainage causes the accumulation of water and toxins in the area that causes dark circles and possible pigmentation, the skin becomes dehydrated, loses tone and ages, favoring the appearance of wrinkles.
There are unisex multi-use serums on the market , with rapid decongestant absorption, microcirculation activators, with active ingredients that act to reduce expression lines due to their neuromuscular action and that also lighten the dark tone of dark circles.
In addition, due to their components, they are a good facial moisturizing base, which is why they are called multi-use: dark circles, bags, expression lines and general moisturizer.
The way to apply the Serum is also very important, depending on whether we want to work on the dark circles, activate drainage or work on the upper eyelid to lift it.
Facial yoga is a trend, as it works not only the skin but also the muscles and bones, it is ideal for the treatment of sagging and preventing and correcting, together with the Serum, dark circles and bags.
It would be a matter of stretching the eyelid muscles upward to work it well. And squeeze at certain points to promote lymphatic drainage.
DON'T miss these 4 steps to revitalize the eye contour
1 Step
An excellent clean with a gentle cleanser. I recommend our formula, a micellar gel with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that also hydrates and tones the skin.
Gently remove makeup from the face and around the eyes carefully without rubbing.
2 step
Eye contour treatment
The four problems with the most demand to correct around the eyes are:
  • Baggy eyes
  • Bags
  • Expression lines
  • Drooping eyelids
With which we must advise with assets that cover these needs.
We need to activate the circulatory and lymphatic system to prevent the formation of dark circles and bags. Active ingredients such as Aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, ruscus, caffeine, green tea, calendula, gotu kola...
· For the treatment of dark circles , oxidized vitamin K works, it is very effective in lightening bluish dark circles. Activates circulation, promotes coagulation processes, improving skin repair in case of redness.
· To correct wrinkles there are effective cosmeceutical active ingredients, many are target peptides with efficacy studies and in a short time you notice extraordinary changes when applied.
Examples: X50 cosmetic drone, Argilerine, …
It is recommended that antioxidants appear in the formulation: Ginger, Vitamin E, Glutathione... to revitalize the skin.
The eye contour should contain moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients such as dry vegetable oils that are not greasy to the touch, with decongestant action, which provide comfort and elasticity to fine skin.
One of my favorites is Jojoba oil because it is not greasy. The oil leaves a thin layer that prevents water evaporation and protects the skin.
The formula must contain humectants that retain water in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, hydrolyzed silk proteins, rice...
3 Step. Firm the skin
For the treatment of drooping eyelids, active ingredients such as DMAE, Dimethyl amino ethanol, a molecule that penetrates very well, are usually combined with other active ingredients such as Tens-up, one of my favorites to treat skin firmness.
Tens-up, an active ingredient of natural origin (Chicory Root) transported in a three-dimensional network that releases it little by little with a lifting and anti-wrinkle effect, is combined with other active ingredients obtained by biotechnology and very effective that are usually combined to obtain good results. .
4 Step. Eyelash and eyebrow treatment
Let's not forget to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows with treatment serums.
It is a product that we should always recommend to all people who want a mascara.
They are serums that strengthen and accelerate hair growth with active ingredients such as peptides and amino acids combined with vitamin A, C, E and B5, panthenol, biotin, the natural hair protein, fatty acids, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans and sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid, which They are good for hydration.
Castor oil is ideal for this treatment, it greatly nourishes and strengthens the hair.

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