As you know, Beautylife is the preventive lifestyle that I pursue to live with a better quality of life.

Food plays a key role, they are a miracle medicine. Within my Method G, nutrition is important, but even more important is keeping our intestinal microbiota in optimal conditions so that food is well absorbed.

Knowing what can and should not be eaten according to one's health conditions is to possess a treasure of knowledge to treat and prevent health problems, from the flu to cancer. Diet has a very large effect on health and disease.

Diet is the only factor that affects our health, which we can fully control, you decide what you eat. The other factors of the exposome, the air we breathe, the noise, and the emotional climate that surrounds us cannot; but what we eat

It is important to bear in mind that the various types of food provide vital substances for health, some of them known and others unknown, therefore changing the diet is essential to maintain a healthy state.


The three theories about the healing power of food.

There are three theories that serve as a basis or guide for research on the curative and preventive power of food:

1. Antioxidants in food, which serve to fight diseases,
2. The forgotten, pharmacological power of fat
3. New types of “allergies” or food intolerances.
Thanks to these theories we will learn to protect ourselves from certain nutrients.


Oxidants are presented in different forms, the most notable and with more studies are free oxygen radicals. These molecules have lost an electron and remain unstable, in a frantic search for another electron to stabilize themselves... they attack everything that crosses their path, destroying healthy cells and generating more free radicals in a matter of seconds that get out of control, forming reactions in chain
Free radicals can attack DNA, the genetic material of cells, causing mutations, which are the first step towards cancer.
When it occurs at the level of cell membranes, free radicals attack the adipose or fatty part of the membranes, peroxidize and remain defenseless... promoting chain reactions contaminating millions of fatty molecules.

Where do oxidants come from? Some are normal metabolic waste products from respiration and immune reactions. That is to say, this origin is difficult to control because it is a necessary action to live. But many oxidants come from the environment and are destructive, for example: ionizing radiation, air pollution, chemicals, pesticides, tobacco, medicines...
Avoiding risks with a healthy lifestyle, BEAUTYLIFE...depends on each one of us.
But we can also defend ourselves even better against these oxidants with FOOD.

Foods, specifically those of plant origin, fruits and vegetables, are full of powerful antioxidants. Once ingested, they reach the tissues and fluids, where they can help fight the invasion of oxidants.

Rare vegetable antioxidants such as: quercetin, lycopene, lutein, glutathione and other better known ones such as vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and selenium.

Research on antioxidants is booming, there are blood tests to find out the antioxidant status of our body. This way we can know the oxidative level of the person, if they are consuming enough antioxidants.


To prevent what we can do best is to feed ourselves with a significant load of plant antioxidants.

I'm going to give you a hint, when you consume fruits and vegetables, choose those that have color; the more intense the greater amount of antioxidants. Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables have more antioxidants than canned, processed or cooked fruits and vegetables.


  • Red grapes instead of green or white.
  • Red and yellow onions instead of white.
  • Raw or lightly cooked cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.
  • Raw and crushed garlic.
  • Vegetables cooked in the microwave oven instead of boiled in water or steamed.
  • Cold extracted extra virgin olive oil.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Pink grapefruit instead of white.
  • Whole fruits instead of juices.
  • Fresh and frozen juices instead of canned.
  • Carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin orange colors….
  • Ripe red tomato.

Take advantage of this opportunity and follow my posts to make yourself an ideal Beautylife diet.

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