Cómo hacerte un lifting facial natural

How to do a natural face lift

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A picture is worth a thousand words. We would all like to have beautiful skin or keep it toned and revitalized over the years.
Beauty goes beyond the skin, it nests in the soul, but as you know our skin surrounds a series of muscle fibers and these in turn are the bones that we must not lose sight of for toning and preventing both expression wrinkles and wrinkles. of the dreaded flaccidity that begins to appear after the age of 30, and 65% will depend on our genetics but the rest of the exposome, Beautylife lifestyle routines are the key to looking 10 years younger. That is the real age, not the chronological one that marks our identity document.
An attractive person, as the word attracts says, are powerful people. Well, there we want to focus on having an attractive image and that means treating skin that is closely linked to emotions.

I have spent my entire life dedicated to the training and experience of beauty, health and well-being. And in the two years of pandemic and confinement, I learned that the development of formulas that transform the appearance of the skin to prevent the signs of aging was not enough, since we have to work on the supporting tissues and bones, carrying out a series of toning exercises, facial gymnastics and facial yoga that complement and at the same time favor the penetration of the active ingredients in my formulas.
Gymnastics and facial yoga offer therapeutic and psychological benefits that go beyond the merely physical and aesthetic ones.

The keys to success are: being motivated, daily routines and formulas of quality and effectiveness.

Of course, not everyone can do these exercises, only healthy people. Just like if you have an illness or intolerance to any cosmetic active ingredient, you won't be able to apply it either. Nor if your aesthetic doctor has just performed some treatment on you or you have just had surgery. In all these cases, consult with your doctor, or me directly to personalize your best treatment.

What happens to our facial muscles?

We must keep in mind not only the muscles of the face, but also those of the head and neck. We have more than 40 that intervene in our facial expressions.

We must distinguish the muscles responsible for chewing, they are involved in the movement of the jaw joint (TMJ): the masseter, temporal and pterygoid muscles. Muscles whose joint can support up to 70 kg are very strong.
Most facial muscles are distributed symmetrically on both sides of the face.
As we age, all our functions lose their regenerative capacity, affecting cell regeneration and tissue repair functions. This causes a deterioration of our intrinsic organism but we can stop it with a series of BEAUTYLIFE ROUTINES AND RITUALS.
  • A bad diet
  • Not having sports routines and stretching
  • Excessive sun exposure, without protection and hours that are not recommended
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Lack of rest, stress…
These are factors that determine that our biological age is greater than our chronological age, and this is dangerous because it affects our life expectancy.

As the face ages, we see a loss of volume in all facial tissues (bone, muscle fibers, ligaments, joints, and connective tissue or skin), sagging due to gravity, and expression lines.
As bones lose density during aging, they cause important morphological changes that produce facial sagging. Added to this is the loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the skin, which causes an important change to be seen in our face.
From the age of 50, we begin to progressively lose muscle fibers.
This loss of tone is more pronounced in the area around the eyes, cheekbones and mouth.
This is why it is necessary to perform these facial toning exercises, which must be mandatory from the age of 45 if we want to prevent premature aging, improve our image and our health, since it provides elasticity and flexibility in the muscles of the head. , including those of the jaw. Improving many problems derived from stress such as bruxism.

What happens to the skin when we age?

At first glance, we notice greater dryness, sagging, devitalization...
The epidermis, the most superficial layer where the corneocytes are and protect us from the outside, becomes drier; it is our barrier function that protects us from the outside. This is because the skin's peeling processes slow down, causing the eyes to look dull. I recommend exfoliating the skin weekly and hydrating it as much as possible.
Glicolpeel Dtox after cleansing with our moisturizing and toning Micellar Gel is the choice for all skin types that accept glycolic acid.
These acids break the corneal barrier and eliminate these dead cells, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients. This solution rejuvenates the skin instantly and progressively. The mechanism of action is that it causes activation of cell regeneration and hydration in the deep and superficial layers. In addition to regulating sebum secretion.
In the dermis, the layer following the epidermis, fibroblasts produce less collagen and hyaluronic acid, which together with elastin form the foundation of the skin.
If these collagen fibers are weak, they break more easily, the epidermis does not have adequate support, remaining firm and smooth and presenting irregularities.
Menopause greatly affects the skin. That is why we need an extra supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid. One.Hyaluronic for the skin and One.Collakeratine for the hair would be a good option orally.
As well as a contribution of antioxidants,One. Revital orally, and our TOP cosmeceutical Revital Premium , an excellent booster with the three vitamins Retinol, Vitamin C and E along with super foods and an active ingredient that redensifies the skin. The vehicle of the active ingredients stands out, allowing better conservation and penetration of the active ingredients into the deep layers, thus reaching the dermis.

What happens in our fatty tissue?

It is the tissue that gives shape and volume to our face. Over the years, this fat tends to move and be reabsorbed and the shape of the face inverts, from V, a young face has marked cheekbones and a well-defined facial oval, it changes to U, by losing volume in the cheekbones it tends to gain volume in the lower third at the level of the cheeks.
Expression lines are formed in part by this displacement of fatty tissue, in addition to the decrease in collagen fibers.
Facial gymnastics is toning and helps prevent this displacement of fatty tissue, helping to preserve the natural volumes of the face.

Benefits of our daily exercises:
Daily muscle activation and toning routines cause activation of blood flow, as well as the lymphatic system, which provides a greater number of nutrients, growth factors and oxygen to the skin, helping to eliminate toxins.
The activation of blood flow will help a better metabolic function of the skin and greater regeneration to maintain firmness, hydration, luminosity and elasticity if the active ingredients Gemma's Dream and Oneceutic are added, imagine it!!!

In these posts I will provide you with information on certain routines that you should practice when you apply cosmetics, in a month you will see incredible results.

Feel your skin 10 years younger.

For any clarification do not hesitate to ask me.
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