Crece todos los días: No seré la mejor, pero seré la mejor versión de mí.

Grow every day: I won't be the best, but I will be the best version of myself

Today I am going to write something that inspires, focusing more on our emotions, keys to our personal success that precedes our professional success.

Beauty is not just looking pretty in the mirror. Beauty is an attitude.

Stopping being a child means stopping receiving more things. Being an adult means growing up. Thinking like an adult is believing that you can dominate, conquer and fight for your dreams.

Having a mental disorder like ADHD makes it more difficult for you to achieve your dreams because of everything it entails, hyperactivity, insecurity, lack of focus, impulsiveness, but it does not make it my case, I have experienced it with myself and as a child I never knew why I was different from many people, it gave me great anxiety. Anxiety that I have carried with me since I was a child: On the one hand, because I am competitive and want to grow every day and on the other because I have had to accept my limitations. As an adult I have learned to be more aware of everything and understand myself. I learned to do a SWOT, strengths and weaknesses, analyzing myself and knowing what I want.

Do you know what you want? Many people don't.

This anxiety as a child has generated a lot of stress in me and this stress can affect different organs of the body, especially the muscles, so my daily work is to continue believing in myself and learn to relax, mindfulness, control my sensitivity and focus on a single topic, try not to disperse and focus.

Anxiety and stress are part of everyone, they are like my friends, although sometimes we argue and they unbalance me, but I have so much will that at the moment I win the battle.

You already know that stress threatens your skin every day, generating free radicals.

A good cocktail of antioxidants inside and out would be very good for you, here is an antioxidant routine:

One.Revital , nutritional supplement with Resveratrol, Pycnogenol, Selenium and Pomegranate.

And topically, Revital Premium booster at night and Instant Beauty during the day.

The ideal cream would be Revital Firm .

You can also purchase Revital products in kits:

Revital Premium & One·Revital Kit

Revital Premium Pack + Revital Firm Cream

Prevention is better than cure. Remedy it so that your stress does not become chronic, although it is a great battle as we live.

Henry Miller said that if you call your difficulties "experiences" and remember that each experience helps you mature, you will grow vigorous and happy, no matter how adverse the circumstances may seem."

Having ADHD makes us more impulsive and not think about things as much, throwing ourselves into the face of adversity and being brave.

The successful people I have met are determined, executive, they do not think for forty hours about what they are going to do, but rather they analyze and make decisions.

This was me, when I decided the most important thing in my professional life, to start my business alone at 47 years old. Gems Beauty was born with a Know How of more than 25 years with a great team of professionals who accompanied me since I was 20 years old in innovation. and cosmetics development.

Take note:

When you stop looking for care, you take care of yourself.

When you stop looking for everything to be given to you, you produce.

When you stop looking for someone who fails, you succeed.

Take the example of people who play chess, before moving the piece, they study many moves forward, since they have to prepare different alternative moves. The same thing happens in life.

If we want to grow and be a person who makes a difference we have to improve ourselves day by day, overcome our limits, improve, take notes, review, listen to podcasts about what interests us...

Remember: If you don't grow, nothing around you will grow.

We need to grow much more than our dream, otherwise that dream will crush us, because we will not know how to manage it.

If you grow more professionally than personally, you will end up destroyed by your profession.

That is my daily struggle...No one has taught us all this in school.

The school of emotions, how to manage them. Starting by believing in yourself, even though they say about you that you are not capable of things because of your limitations, in my case, call it ADHD, because I knew it as an adult.

Learning to enjoy, not just achieve success at work, is equally important. And it costs a lot when you are obsessive about things.

Let's learn these holidays to enjoy ourselves, let's make that effort and spread joy to our surroundings.

After a year of creating a product, it improves by 25%, if I go 4 years without growing..., I am completely uninformed about what is on the market.

Thomas D. Jakes said: "Associate yourself with people who make you feel stupid, with people who have grown so much and want to continue growing so much that you feel stupid around them."

A person who grows allows himself to be taught in good times and in difficult times he allows himself to be corrected.

I desperately need to meet people who will be my mentors. I love being able to influence people who identify with me. Because only with them will I be able to do it.

But I have preferred to record how important management is in my life.

This word: MANAGE is the key to success.

I like to help people feel beautiful on the outside with my routines, but also those people with ADHD who want to achieve their dreams, with their limited resources. We have them, but we have to know ourselves well, accept ourselves and focus on what we are good at. Everything is possible.

After starting my life from scratch 6 years ago, in every way, I want to thank my mentors, I will not name them for confidentiality, one of them always told me that Julio Iglesias in his song "fly friend, fly high" described very Well, we have to grow every day, fly high, but at the same time accept the reality, that when you stop flying when you're older, you become an ex, and mentalizing ourselves is the best thing. My doctors who have supported me in this dream: Dr. Palomares Ajo, homeopath; Dr. Vilardell; Dr. Ahmed Shurrab; my chiromassage Valentín Boza; and my osteopath, Silvia Treviño, because emotions take a heavy toll on my muscles, cervical and lumbar... and the expert and friend in natural remedies Isabel Holgado, ideal with her natural remedies.

In the end, doctors, suppliers and clients end up being friends. Life gives us beautiful gifts.

Looking pretty on the outside is not enough, grow every day as a person to be beautiful on the inside.

If something has to happen in your life, it is for yourself.

Learn to look at what you feel, what you lack and fight for it, it belongs to you, learning to be aware of your limitations.

Some will go faster than others, but we all reach the finish line with attitude.


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