El envejecimiento en el hombre, la andropausia.

Aging in man, andropause.

Men, also like us, live a transitory state where their quality of life is affected, andropause.

From the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to decrease, at 45 the first symptoms of andropause are noticed and at 50 low testosterone levels already appear in 50% of men.

At 60 more than half of men and already at 70, 70% have low levels of said hormone.


And what is andropause? It is a state in which there is a decrease in the levels of testosterone, a male hormone, but which we also have, although in much smaller quantities.
This decrease is related to aging, but other factors that trigger it influence it, such as alcohol consumption, certain drugs, obesity, infections... the previous lifestyle is key for these symptoms to appear sooner or later.


The symptoms that usually appear, increased tiredness, irritability, decreased sexual desire and erection problems.


Testosterone is a key hormone in many functions in the body, its deficiency not only affects the sexual organs, but also in the bones causing demineralization, in the muscles creating fatigue and tingling, in the skin, causing aging and dryness.
Testosterone keeps cholesterol and sugar levels in balance, so the decrease can alter them and cause complications.
There is an increased risk of heart problems.

The man also gains weight like us, it accumulates in the waist and buttocks, and loses muscle mass.


If you notice that your partner or friend is very sensitive, has insomnia, loss of genital hair and certain depressive states, pay attention!!! He is in the so-called andropausal crisis.


They also suffer, their self-esteem is affected. They lose energy and sexual desire, apart from having erection problems as I mentioned before.

Given the suspicion, you should go to the urologist once a year and perform an analysis, measure the levels of free and available testosterone in the blood.
The urologist is the professional who will guide you in this new stage, which we know all men go through, but some better than others depending on how their lifestyle has been.
There is a genetic part but lifestyle is the key.
Healthy eating, sports, no stress, breaks, skin care...


The urologist will likely prescribe replacement therapy to normalize blood levels and mitigate undesirable effects.


To raise levels naturally, I repeat: a healthy diet such as eggs very often, garlic greatly improves men's sexual activity, avocado, oily fish, seeds, nuts, broccoli, blueberries...


A healthy diet and sports are key to avoiding being overweight, and dancing!!


  • Dancing distracts, increases sexual desire and gives you security and confidence and improves self-esteem.
  • Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water.
  • Communicate your feelings to friends or professionals, and not isolate yourself.

What does replacement therapy consist of?
Andropause can be treated by replenishing testosterone levels by applying intramuscular injections, gels in different parts of the body or administering it orally, always in the hands of a professional.

That decrease in their libido affects us a lot, because we can think they don't want us and that feeds back between the couple and leads to crisis...
There must be an open dialogue to know what happens.
There are men who like to go with much younger women to improve their libido and self-esteem. But inside it lies the problem. It is a mirage because he feels that life is slipping away from him.
Satisfying a young woman sexually will not be so easy... and even less so if the woman also has high levels of testosterone...
In short, I think relationships between couples have to add up and be happy, NO MATTER THE AGE.

Real love, understanding and respect between two people regardless of their age is the key to being happy in a relationship. And nothing lasts forever, so live the moment to the fullest and accept that we all age, us and them, and we have to find formulas, be creative and innovative.
And everything ends except pure love that transforms.


But another day we talked about love...


The advice to take care of the skin would be, a good cleaning always morning and night.


  • Morning Oneprocare Serum or Restore Look Serum as a global effect serum.
  • Onevital C to revitalize in the morning, if you have slept badly, etc. “good face effect”
  • And at night, Glicolpeel Dtox combined with Antiox Revital Premium as a great antioxidant, anti-blemish and rejuvenating.


Boosters aren't greasy at all, so they love them.
Onederful is also interesting as a hydrating and cell renewal activator.

But as I always say, it is better to do the personalized diagnosis with me so we will know better the lifestyle and routines you have and how to improve!

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