El serum multi uso para las personas que quieren una rutina sencilla: Restore look serum

The multi-use serum for people who want a simple routine: Restore look serum

Have you heard of a 3-in-1 treatment serum that transforms your eye area and improves your skin's appearance at the same time?

Facial moisturizer, anti-redness, eye contour (bluish dark circles and bags).

It's called Restore look serum : the perfect concept of global pro-age skin care.

No dermapen or apparatus is necessary, as it has progressive release active ingredients that penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and performs a neurodermic action.

Simply a good application massage would be enough along with drainage, if you know the technique, it would enhance the result, as it would help you eliminate toxins.

You can do it with Gua Sha, the quartz stone ideal for massage and drainage, or manually.

I'm going to introduce you to the assets that make it unique:

  • Oxidized vitamin K helps eliminate accumulated blood deposits and toxins that are deposited around the area and because the skin is much thinner, the bluish or violet area is visible. That is why massage is very important.
  • Caffeine , lipolytic and ideal activator of eyelid circulation, helping to improve circulation and protect capillaries, preventing fluid retention from occurring, and preventing the formation of bags. Improves the appearance of reddened skin.
  • X50 peptides, encapsulated biopolymers of almost nanosomal size and with neurodermal action, target mechanism of action. It minimizes neuronal exocytosis, reducing the input of clacium that enters the neuron and inhibits the formation of the SNARE protein complex. Which translated means that it progressively softens expression lines, due to a sustained release system.
  • Aloe vera, Sodium Hyaluronate and Jojoba Oil , ideal for maintaining skin hydration.

How to apply this cosmeceutical is important, through facial yoga exercises and learning to perform lymphatic drainage, which can be with the help of Gua Sha for example.

Blue circles under the eyes are normally genetic, but they can also appear due to a lifestyle with stress, sleeping little, eating poorly... lifestyle, as I always say, is key.

Expression lines appear around age 30, so it is a good product to take into account from the age of 25 as a preventative.

The texture is not greasy at all, it is absorbed very well and has an immediate cooling effect. You notice an improvement immediately.

If you have not had the opportunity to try the serum most recommended by specialists even post blepharoplasty as a skin restorer and revitalizer, I invite you to try it and give me your opinion.

You can request a personalized diagnosis and see all our testimonials on Instagram .

Until next week...

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