Peelings en verano, si o no?

Peelings in summer, yes or no?

In summer we usually apply a lot of sunscreen which makes our pores dirty and dries out our skin, as well as our makeup.

In young skin it can cause the appearance of pimples and in mature skin it can slow down cell renewal. We must facilitate the penetration of cosmetics to repair and/or correct the signs of aging: spots, wrinkles...

I present to you the booster of boosters:

Glicolpeel Dtox is a Gemma's Dream booster, which makes it unique due to the combination of a cocktail of Fruit Acids AHAs where we have mixed those from chemical synthesis with natural and organic ones:

· Glycolic Acid 7%, is one of the AHAs with the smallest molecular size and therefore penetrates into the deepest layers and can sometimes cause irritation.

There are skins that may be intolerant to this molecule. It is important to rule out this intolerance.

It is also important if you have never used glycolic acid to go little by little. Applying in low concentrations and increasing the % and reducing the pH depending on what you want to correct.

· Lactic Acid 11%, apart from being an AHA, it is also a postbiotic, a metabolite produced by probiotics. It has an exfoliating but very moisturizing function, this post-biotic function also protects our microbiota. It protects us from the outside and prevents skin alterations.

Lactic acid is part of the skin's Natural Hydration Factor, our Hydrolipid Film.

It keeps our skin hydrated, with an optimal pH, revitalizes the skin, reduces redness, tightness and possible alterations, activates cell renewal together with Glycolic acid and has a repairing effect on the epidermis.

· Citric Acid 1% , intervenes in enzymatic reactions and Malic Acid 0.1% , complement the chemical part of the booster.

This cocktail of acids reduces the stratum corneum and prevents possible hyper keratinization, alteration of cell renewal.

The high concentration of lactic acid makes it a moisturizing and protective product for our skin barrier, ideal for this summer.

As natural organic acids we have incorporated 1% of the concentrated extract of the Passion Fruit, pineapple, grape and lemon, with a total AHA content of around 50%.

Cell regeneration in the epidermis, where dead cells are constantly replaced, lasts about 28 days. Hereditary factors, and external factors such as the sun, and chronological aging itself can cause alterations in the skin, slowing down cell renewal.

Hyper keratinization is identified by a thickening and greater compaction of the stratum corneum. Mainly, it is due to a lower speed of peeling due to a greater degree of cohesion between the corneocytes.

Some disorders in which abnormal keratinization intervenes in their development are, among others: ichthyosis, acne, warts and keratosis of all types, psoriasis, some eczemas and ordinary dry skin.

It seems, therefore, that an explanation for the decrease in the cohesive force of corneocytes caused by AHA would be their action on ionic bonds due to their intervention in certain enzymatic reactions.

AHAs work at the level of the stratum corneum and by acting on the cohesiveness of the corneocytes in the innermost layers, they promote thinning of the stratum corneum, in addition to improving the flexibility of the skin surface. Thus, they have an interesting exfoliating activity on the body, face and even hair by eliminating excess seborrheic and other substances that are harmful to the good condition of the skin. They are useful for treating cases of dandruff and acne.

Follicular hyperkeratosis and acne comedones also respond to the use of AHA in the same concentrations as in the case of dry and photo-aged skin. Glicolpeel Dtox could be applied up to twice a day to facilitate the opening of the follicle.

As a complement to the treatment of acne it is ideal. Although acne is a pathology and requires control by a dermatologist who would combine Glicolpeel with other medications depending on the degree of acne.

In dry and photo-aged skin with spots, the use of AHA gives better results than simple hydration with other moisturizing active ingredients. Its action is more noticeable in cases of extreme dryness with visible hydrokeratosis. Although they are not usually primary irritants at low concentrations, the degree of peeling produced by AHAs may be excessive for sensitive and fine skin. It is recommended to apply it first to the wrist and neckline to see the reaction. A slight stinging that disappears immediately may be normal.

Extreme irritation and erythema redness, this means AHAs are not tolerated.

Most AHAs are physiological, non-toxic substances. These active ingredients promote keratinization and natural peeling.

Those that have multiple hydroxyl groups are antioxidants with moisturizing action, and are especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Keeping skin hydrated in summer is key to preventing post-summer skin changes.... the solution for summer nights, write down your routine:

Glicolpeel dtox , at the formulated concentrations and pH, makes it highly recommended, along with antioxidants ( instant beauty or Antiox Revital ).

Of course every morning sun protection.

I recommendOne · Revital nutritional supplement to maintain youthful skin.

If you want to reach September with divine skin without blemishes, follow my advice, if you have any questions you can write to me

You still don't know the skin boosters that transform your skin from the first applications?

What are you waiting for?

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