MENOPAUSIA, es un estadio fisiológico NORMAL, no es una enfermedad.

MENOPAUSE, is a NORMAL physiological stage, it is not a disease.

It is characterized by a decrease in the secretion of estrogen and progesterone consecutive to stop working the ovaries. It occurs in two stages, perimenopause in which menstruation gradually disappears until reaching menopause in which we no longer have menstruation for a year.


It happens around 50!!


There are a number of consequences:

In the short, medium and long term that we should know…


  • In the short term, more than 50% of women, hot flashes. We have to learn to live together because they can last 5 years, crises, night sweats with insomnia, states of sadness and depression, anxiety, fluid retention and libido problems.

Are these symptoms very uncomfortable, can I give you some advice on how to alleviate them?

As there is a reduction in estrogen, it affects the functioning of the thermoregulatory center of the body. Vasodilation occurs that affects increasing skin temperature, redness and sweating.

Sudden changes in temperature affect, or go very warm, alcohol, hot or spicy foods should also be avoided, of course tobacco is prohibited.

A healthy lifestyle helps alleviate these hot flashes, sports, a Mediterranean diet rich in olive or coconut oil, a diet rich in fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables with many antioxidants. Drinking plenty of water is also important.

The lifestyle we have will determine what the long-term consequences will be like.

On an emotional level, it is very important not to isolate yourself, communicate with people, have fun, work and share experiences on weekends, lead an active life both physically and mentally.


As a natural remedy, we know that soy isoflavones or black cohosh can help, but they are often insufficient and hormone replacement therapy must be resorted to with a gynecologist.

Contrary to many opinions, experts say the right dose improves quality of life by reducing symptoms at the bone and cardiovascular levels, improving the skin and mucous membranes...
Control of Vitamin D3 and Calcium is important. To prevent osteoporosis.
Pre and probiotics are very important in our diet. We are more bacteria than cells and we have to feed them. There is an imbalance in the vaginal flora, or microbiota, this is key to protecting us from diseases. At the libido level, to activate it we have to take care of ourselves, on the outside, feel pretty. Enhance our sensuality. They not only see external beauty but also internal beauty, even if you don't believe it, practicing smiles, going to the gym, when a woman feels desired, libido is activated. We are humans, not robots.


  • In the medium term, atrophy of the vagina, dry skin, flaccidity, depigmentation, hair loss, lumbar, joint and muscle pain. Weight gain.
  • In the long term, osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk.


In short: hot flashes, mood and irritability disorders and sleep, vaginal dryness, lack of desire, dry skin and blemishes.

There are ideal natural vaginal moisturizing gels that treat vaginal dryness. At the skin level, we need antioxidants and vitamins, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, synthetic peptides, DMAE, depigmenting active ingredients such as glycolic, azelaic, kojic acid... and other active ingredients with studies that help correct the signs of aging, as redensifying hydramine, etc…

The ideal Boosters: Instant Firming, Restore Look Serum, Antiox Premium, Glycolpeel Dtox. Go varying with Instant Repair and Instant Beauty, depending on the time of year and skin needs.


A good treatment guided by a professional to follow a good beauty routine that helps to firm up, and above all the personalized diagnosis that helps create the health and beauty routine that makes one feel 10 years younger. Revitalized outside and inside.


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