Mindfulness & Rituales Beautylife: Belleza desde el interior.

Mindfulness & Beautylife Rituals: Beauty from within.

How you look and how you feel influence your personal and professional success. To improve your appearance and feel better, you must first think about your brain and get the most out of it.
Did you know that 50% of the brain is dedicated to vision, the sense that feeds it?
Mindfulness is a meditation practice that consists of paying conscious attention to the present moment, without judging or analyzing .
The idea is to cultivate awareness of the thoughts, feelings and sensations we are experiencing.
Meditation is one of the best exercises to have more energy along with a healthy diet
Stimulate your brain to improve your skin, your weight, your heart, your energy, your restful sleep and your concentration.

Master your mind and rejuvenate your skin and body

Focusing on the here and now decreases your cortisol, a hormone that ages you prematurely and causes disease.

How can mindfulness help improve my skin?

There are several ways to combine mindfulness with skin care, here are some ideas to do it:

✅Listen to your skin: While you apply your Beautylife Ritual , pay attention to how your skin feels. Notice any itchy or tight sensations, and try to release tension in the skin.

✅Do it consciously: Take time to carefully apply your skinbooster or serum , and do it with conscious attention to the present moment. Don't do anything while applying the products, just pay attention to how your skin feels and how it looks.

Breathe: Take a few moments to breathe deeply before starting your skincare routine.

Visualizations: While you apply the Beautylife Ritual , visualize how your skin is regenerating and rejuvenating, and how it feels soft and hydrated.
It is important to remember that mindfulness practice is an ongoing process, you do not need to be perfect at it, and it is important not to judge yourself if you do not achieve a feeling of complete relaxation.
You can start with short sessions of just a few minutes and increase the duration over time, depending on your needs and availability.
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Weekly you will have new routines and exercises to apply Mindfulness and rejuvenate the skin, mind and soul.

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