Rutinas Beautylife para una piel seca: Efecto del frío en el cuidado facial.

Beautylife routines for dry skin: Effect of cold on facial care.

Winter is already upon us, and for dry skin it is important to know what routines you will need to take care of your skin day by day and thus prevent skin alterations, irritations, sensitivity and intolerances.

But first we are going to explain what dry skin is? It is important that you learn to know what type of skin you have, which can vary depending on age and the seasons of the year.

Dry skin has as its epicutaneous mantle a natural, deficient or lacking hydro-lipid emulsion. That is, it lacks water and lipids.
Dry skin can be acquired more or less temporarily, or constitutionally due to various etiologies.
The degree of dryness is linked to repeated contact with external agents to which they are very sensitive, as well as their deficient additional protection (lack superficial hydro-lipid film).
Temporary dry skin is acquired over time. The hydro-lipid emulsion is deficient, fragile or poorly protective.
They present insufficient sebaceous secretion (alipia) and/or dehydration of the stratum corneum.
For example, it would be very white skin, like Nordic skin.
A matte and withered appearance is observed depending on age and grade.
They are very fine.
Little or no pores noticeable to the naked eye.
Rough to the touch, peeling in areas, and appearance of small or large wrinkles in the peri-ocular and perioral areas.
Redness and peeling appear due to its vulnerability to external agents.

What can cause temporary dry skin?

Alipia, that is, insufficient sebaceous secretion, can come from metabolic alterations, acute diuresis, menopause with the drop in hormones, and chronological aging itself.
As dehydrating factors we have external agents of a mechanical, physical, chemical, environmental nature... that can come into more or less repeated contact with the skin, attacking it and deteriorating the stratum corneum to a greater or lesser degree.

The skin's skin barrier is attacked by factors in our daily lives that we must control:

  • Solar radiation, sea salt, wind, climates with extremes of hot and cold temperatures, excessive heating and air conditioning, aggressive detergents, repeated rubbing with clothing, inadequate makeup without prior moisturizing protection and without good subsequent hygiene.
You notice that your skin tolerates soap poorly, itches or pulls, it tends to get irritated, have redness, it tans with redness or it does not tan at all, and it usually suffers from burns.
It resists cold and heat poorly...
Remember that lack of protection induces dehydration.
We must provide the skin with protective, moisturizing and emollient, nutritious ingredients.
Examples of damaged dry skin would be people who work long hours in the fields, or in the sun.

Constitutional dry skin:

We have cases of Xerosis , which is normally due to a genetic factor, where there is an alteration in intercorneocyte cementation, which leads to skin dryness, abnormal peeling and hyper keratosis.
The skin appears thicker to the touch with abnormal peeling, especially on the back of the hands, arms, forearms and legs, appearing dry, poorly protected and these symptoms aggravating with exposure to the aforementioned external agents.

The dry skin routine:

Cleanse morning and night with a micellar gel with moisturizing and toning ingredients or an oil-based cleansing gel.
Mornings : formulated hydrating skin booster, repairer for example Instant Repair + nourishing cream with sun protection, Restore Look cream .
Nights : skin booster exfoliating peeling effect, Glicolpeel dtox (solution that breaks the corneal barrier and hydrates it to promote the penetration of subsequent active ingredients) and/or Revital Premium (antioxidant and firming) + revitalizing repair or firming cream, such as Revital firm or Repair DNA .
The important thing in dry skin is to hydrate, nourish and repair it to also keep the microbiota in balance and not be altered, favoring the penetration of pathogens.
I explain the properties of our Gemma's Dream creams:
CREAM - day
Protective and repairing of the epicutaneous barrier
Rich in Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip and Vitamins A, E, F. With sun protection.
CREAM – day and night
Firming and Revitalizing.

Formulated with Vitamin C and E, and a High Tech ingredient of Natural origin, Zirhafirm, which comes from the Maral root. With reinforcing action on the union between cells, providing smoothness and firmness to the facial oval, cheekbones, neckline and drooping eyelids.
The base is nourishing and hydrating thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Argan Oil.
DNA REPAIR CREAM with Stem Cells - night
High Tech ingredients of natural origin that come from cotton extract (Heliomoduline). It is a natural repairer of damaged chain fragments, thereby correcting the signs of age.
It is also formulated with Grape Stem Cells, which help activate cell regeneration.
Also continue, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil, Vitamins F and E, which nourish and protect the skin, repairing the epicutaneous barrier.
This winter, if you have dry skin, you need to provide dryness-correcting ingredients.
The cold increases the dryness of the skin much more.

If you want a personalized routine, do not hesitate to contact me.
It's better to prevent than to cure.
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