Pasados los 50, la nueva etapa dorada para la mujer. ¿lo dudas?

After 50, the new golden age for women. you doubt it?

Reaching the age of 55 and feeling like you're 45 is now possible, thanks to good lifestyle habits, routines and Beautylife rituals .

What we are going to inherit is immutable, but what we can intervene with our epicosmetics and exposome, it is more than proven that we can alter reversible genes and improve our quality of skin and life.

My Gems Method helps a lot!! You will learn how to combine active ingredients to enhance your health and beauty. Along with routines and rituals at a mental and physical level that will help you prevent diseases and premature aging.

Health, beauty and well-being go hand in hand.

As a woman close to 53, I am going to confess…and I would like to know if you can identify with me.

Beauty at this age is emotional balance. It is an attitude of wanting to improve every day.

Because I have already overcome my self-esteem. I feel like a much more confident woman than when I was young.

I'm not worried about what people will say about me. I take care of myself, to feel better. I search daily for my balance, which tends to be continually altered by all the daily events, because life is not easy.

Mindfulness has helped me rejuvenate my mind and live in the present moment.

They say that in menopause a woman's brain is remodeled and a new power and sense of purpose is created. We begin a new youth, with more awareness.

They say that with each passing decade, women are happier.

When we are young, in our fertile age, our hormones drive us to look for a partner and please men.

In menopause, we no longer have this motherhood drive. I am no longer afraid, they will abandon me, I am my best company. ;)

I don't care if I am invisible to men, because now I am much more demanding and I am only interested in the spiritual man, with my same values, the one who falls in love with my eyes, with my being... not with my body or my outfits. ….

Experts say that even if we have less estrogen, our brain learns to focus on something specific and we manage to be successful in that. My ADHD has improved greatly with age. I have learned to be more organized, not get so distracted and focus on what is important.

I am more direct and transparent. I already know what I don't want.

Right now, having a trusted friend is having a treasure, it is wealth.

And as for my skin, thanks to my routines we maintain hydrated and natural skin. Correcting the signs of aging. It is important to combine cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics according to the person's needs.

Regular gym, dance, Pilates and toning with weights are mandatory in our routines.

Practicing smiling and gratitude is a source of youth.

Ignore toxic people. Take the stones out of your pocket.

Learn to manage emotions.

When it comes to food, we are more aware of what we eat. And we also value our time more. We make more use of our hours of the day.

I leave you a cosmeceutical and nutri cosmetic routine for what worries us most at this stage: sagging.

We need a skin booster with instant effectiveness active ingredients to motivate us when applying the product and sustained release active ingredients that act in the deepest layers of the skin.

Chicory Root, Vitamin C with gold and glutathione subparticles to stabilize vitamin C, Encapsulated Retinol, DMAE, Marine Collagen, ... active ingredients that help the synthesis of collagen, which decreases with age.

But the contribution of nutritional supplements is also important, in this case, the ideal combination:

Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin C, Omega 3.6.9.

If you have any questions you can ask me, write to me and I will help you



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