Preguntas Frecuentes en nuestras Rutinas y Rituales, FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions in our Routines and Rituals, FAQ

For those who do not know some terms in cosmetics and want to start understanding this wonderful science, I have prepared these answers...

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  • What is a serum?

A Serum is a cosmeceutical concentrate of active ingredients with a light texture. Like whey, it is the galenical form where the active ingredients are found in high %, enhancing the action of the creams,

  • Are a booster and a serum the same thing?

The word booster in English means enhancer of action from the deepest layers. They are very fluid and concentrated.

A serum can be a booster that enhances the action of creams. They are equally light in texture and easily absorbed. But at Gemma's Dream, our boosters are very fluid and the serum is a little thicker.

The greater the fluidity, the better the penetration through the pores.

  • How do you apply a booster or serum?

As they have a light texture, they are applied to very clean skin, always massaging upwards to simultaneously combat sagging.

Ideal with facial fitness exercises or facial yoga.

In a professional cabin,

They are water-soluble formulas and can be applied with appliances. Being ionizable is a characteristic of the product to improve penetration into the deepest layers, thanks to currents, ultrasounds, radiofrequency and galvanic.

Our instant signing and instant repair boosters are negatively charged.

  • How do you apply an eye contour?

Using gentle touches on the contour, and ascending circular massages. Facial Yoga and fitness help a lot to improve sagging and drain if there is fluid retention.

If the person is prone to fluid retention, it is preferable during the day to decongest the area.

  • What is applied before a serum or cream?

Always the serum or booster and then the cream.

In oily or combination skin, the cream is not necessary.

  • Can young skin apply anti-aging products?

The skin of a 20-year-old person above all needs basic cleansing and hydration, as well as sun protection. And start incorporating antioxidants, since more and more work is done with computers that affect the skin. Just like excess sun and stress.

A diagnosis of the skin must be made to assess whether it is oily, dry, sensitive... and find an appropriate treatment for each skin type.

Glicolpeel Dtox , Instant Beauty , Instant Repair , Onederful and Onevital C are a good option for young skin.

  • From what age can Serum Restore Look and Antiox Revital Premium be applied?

They are treatments for skin from 35-38 depending on the skin type, whether they present premature aging before or after.

This is why it is important to study the skin by a professional.

  • Which Boosters are ideal for mature skin +45?

Restore Look Serum

Instant Firming

Instant Repair

Instant Beauty

Antiox Revital Premium

Glycolpeel Dtox


Onevital C

Oneprocare Serum

  • What happens if we use Antiox Revital Premium during the day?

Nothing would happen, the only thing is that the sun cannot directly hit your face, you must use sun protection. Reason why it is recommended at night. And it is a product that if you apply it while you sleep, cell regeneration is activated more, as you know.

Its progressive action rejuvenates the skin in all aspects, firmness, spots and wrinkles. But it also closes pores in oily skin.

  • Is it normal to notice a slight itching with Antiox Revital Premium and Glicolpeel Dtox?

Yes, certain skin types may notice a slight stinging at first that goes away after a while. If it disappears, do not use the product.

It means you have an allergy to some active ingredient.

Glycolic acid and vitamin C may cause some skin sensitivity. So better to opt for Restore look serum, Instant firming and Instant Repair.

  • Why are Boosters used in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery?

Because they help the skin recover sooner after the interventions.

They are recoverers.

  • Can Boosters be mixed with each other?

Yes, although nothing would happen. If the person has sensitive skin and several active ingredients are mixed, there is a greater chance that some will cause allergic reactions, so it is better to do a prior study and diagnosis to better know what treatment each person needs.

Less is more most times...

  • Can all skins use all Boosters?

You have to make a diagnosis of the skin, but above all know if you are intolerant to Glycolic Acid, Glicolpeel Dtox cannot be used.

And if you are intolerant to vitamin C, neither will Instant Beauty or Antiox Revital Premium.

Same with Retinol, Antiox Revital Premium should be avoided. Although retinol is in a low concentration and encapsulation is difficult.

To check this, you can try a few drops on the inside of your wrist, massage them and let them act. If itching, redness, etc. appears, that booster should not be applied to the face.

Although all cosmeceuticals are Dermatologically Tested, it may be that someone is allergic to something and does not know it.

  • Does combination/oily skin need a cream afterwards?

No, just dry skin, you will need an oil or cream afterwards.

  • Is it good to incorporate masks into your facial routine?

Yes, if you apply the booster indicated for your skin and then a mask, you enhance the action of the booster.

  • Is Glicolpeel Dtox solution recommended for all ages?

Yes. It also helps us take care of our microbiota, thanks to lactic acid, it is a postbiotic. Substances produced by probiotics with metabolic and healthy effects for the skin

For young women, it is ideal because it regulates sebum secretion, preventing the formation of pimples and blackheads.

Ideal as a complement to makeup remover, and for skin that usually wears makeup it is a great ally. Deeply cleanses the skin of pollution and makeup.

Improves acne and acne scars or marks.

For mature skin, it is ideal because in addition to deeply cleaning by eliminating dead cells, it promotes the penetration of the other Boosters. Corrects spots and wrinkles. Thanks to the fact that it helps reduce the corneal barrier, thanks to the fact that it eliminates dead cells.

  • How is the Instant Firming booster applied?

This booster is facial and body, it is ideal to apply it with specific ascending massages. The heat of the massage helps the product penetrate better.

A recommended massage is Kobido or equipment in Beauty Centers.

It is an ideal booster to correct neck, neckline, facial oval, chest, arms...

Combining these Boosters with Facial Yoga exercises is ideal.

If you have any questions, you can write to us and I will answer you as soon as possible.

  • What treatment would be ideal for stains?


Onederful / Instant Repair / Instant Beauty


Glycolpeel Dtox

Antiox Revital Premium

They must be combined according to personalized diagnosis.

You can request your personalized diagnosis with Gemma where she will assess everything in general, your skin, diet, lifestyle and emotional part, key to being successful in the treatment.

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