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Back from vacation, and now...? Destination happiness: GPSBeautylife

The return from vacation can be for some a detoxification and charge of energy and for others a depression... returning to routines.

The important thing on this vacation is to have disconnected and rested. You did it? Did you continue the routines more or less? Now returning to them may be a bit heavy, but it must be done no matter what, if our destiny is to be happy.

We find happiness with the magic of small things like taking more care of ourselves and loving ourselves, interacting with people who love us, calmly drinking an infusion and meditating, dancing, eating healthy... we carry happiness within us , it's about awakening it .

How to awaken happiness?

With Routines and Rituals for health, beauty and well-being: Beautylife

Felicitas is my mom's name, in Latin, Felicidad. A woman with an innate joy that passed on to me as a child despite adversity, and who usually suffers a lot for her loved ones, always tries to bring a smile to all of us with her sweet dishes and her affection.

That genetic part stayed with me, I assure you that I always try to be happy, because like everything it is a training. The more you smile, the less it costs you when things don't go your way.

Take note, do not leave things for the future, the future no longer exists, because the future is now. With so much technology we don't know what can happen to us in 5 years. Life has changed us, there is so much uncertainty about everything that generates anxiety and stress, that I recommend you live in the present because what you do now will determine your nearest future.

It's about learning from the past and living in the present, mindfulness.

So watch thoughts, words and decisions...

Even if you don't believe it , you are the designer of your future. We have no choice but to be artists of life.

I'm going to recommend something that has saved my life: meditation.

My hyperactivity, ADHD, causes me a lot of stress and thanks to this practice I have managed to manage stressful situations much better.

Mindfulness is balance . Meditation communicates your mind with your heart. This internal communication of calm and tranquility favors our health and well-being. Rejuvenates our body.

I recommend that you start and take a small orientation course, if you write to me I can guide you where and how.

Every day I become more interested in the field of Neuroscience. This brain-heart connection helps me control my impulsivity and improve my heart rate. Highly recommended if you suffer from arrhythmias. A balance occurs between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Cardiac coherence is associated with higher levels of emotional regulation and cognitive flexibility. Key to maintaining physical and mental health.

In two years of stress due to the Covid Pandemic and the War in Russia and Ukraine, I am noticing how people in general have aged prematurely and a lot. Artificial Intelligence, keeping up to date with online news, advertising bombardments..., everything is going at a rapid pace of change and we must learn to say STOP.

I have noticed it myself. And that is why I strive to learn techniques and practices that rejuvenate us naturally inside and out and share them along with my cosmeceutical and nutraceutical elixirs.

What happens to our stress?

When we are stressed, our biological clocks speed up and we age faster. It has been scientifically observed that stress sustained for a few hours and weeks can have the same aging effect as poor diet, smoking or taking drugs.

But according to scientists, this aging is reversible!! They have seen this by monitoring methylation processes, markers of aging.

As ? with Beautylife routines and rituals, healthy diet, meditation, skin and hair care, sport, rest...

What is not known is whether chronic stress leaves irreparable damage, including cardiovascular and immune damage, and the development of Alzheimer's, especially in women.

...It's about now that we have returned from a well-deserved break. Let's not lose that energy.

Creating a routine plan: We are what we do every day.

Adaptation to lifestyles. Analyze your lifestyle and create your routine:

It is important to have organized meal times.

  • Eating healthy is the best medicine. Protect the intestines with probiotics, opt for organic vegetables and fruit. Incorporate nuts, seeds... and complement your diet with personalized supplements according to your lifestyle and stress.
  • Practice intense aerobic sports. Walk fast, dance, ... 3 times a week.
  • Tone muscles, to strengthen them and protect bones and joints.
  • Rest for 7-8 hours at night and meditate every day. Disconnect from your computer and mobile phone. Although sometimes it becomes complicated because it affects our work, we should... Otherwise the head becomes loaded and affects our vision. Use special glasses for blue light. They sell them very cheap online.
  • Practice joy and gratitude.
  • Take care of your skin and hair with formulas that you really notice the results, and that motivate you because you will look better and feel better.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Share your experiences with friends.
  • Listen to your intuition when making decisions. It is the best intelligence.

Many people only think and operate from logic, and do not listen to their unconscious. This intelligence, called intuition or "sixth sense" is important for making decisions. The key to being happy.

If you don't make decisions you can't be happy.

Einstein said, intuition is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant, the society we have created honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

I wish you a good entry into your post-vacation routine.

And if you need personalized attention you can write to me or leave comments.

I hope with these posts to motivate you to orient your GPS to my BEAUTYLIFE philosophy of life.

In the next post we will talk about how to treat spots after summer...for all of you who did not follow my routines in summer.

See you soon!!

Gemma Prudencio Sancho

GPS Beautylife

Pharmacist Cosmetologist

Founder of Gems Beauty Lab

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