Rutina post verano: piel, cuerpo y mente

Post-summer routine: skin, body and mind

In this post we are going to analyze what the skin needs after summer and, not only that, but how to make our mind activate again and start again with rituals and routines that will help improve our skin and quality of life.
We have had a very hot summer, the sun affects our skin more every day and these temperatures also cause us to generate cortisol, facilitating the inflammation of our cells and lowering our body's defenses.
Very soon I will explain something that interests you for internal well-being because it regulates our cortisol and is a nutritional supplement.
On the one hand, we must provide moisturizing ingredients to the skin and with fatty and unsaponifiable acids from some oils, ideal as they recover our barrier function. In addition, we must provide antioxidants that help neutralize general oxidative stress.
If spots have appeared, we must perform a depigmentation treatment.
What should a routine be like for normal skin? And for dry skin?
Normal and oily skin, or combination skin (T zone), is more resistant skin than dry skin. To begin with, on any type of skin, except if it is sensitive to glycolic acid, we will perform a peeling with our best seller: Glicolpeel dtox . Always apply it at night, after cleansing with our oil-based cleansing balm , ideal for all skin types except acne-prone skin.
We will apply it carefully, avoiding getting it into the eyes, face, neck, neckline and back of the hands.
The acidic smell is a bit strong and a slight stinging sensation is normal.
If your skin is sensitive, try it on your wrist or neckline first, in case you get a reaction.
Sometimes, if your skin is oily, some pimples may appear: it is due to detoxification, as it is regulating sebum secretion. It is being deep cleaned.
On very dry skin you can use Restore look cream and the new Supreme Revival as a novelty, which we will have in a week!!!! Supreme Revival - serum in oil is for delicate skin, it has a barrier function, but it is also redensifying, both for dry skin and hair.
It is a mix of natural oils and a natural, organic ingredient that repairs and redensifies the skin. Protects the skin and hair ends from external aggressions.
Composition: Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E and a mixture of unsaponifiables from soybean, avocado and olive oils with pollen extract. The sensual natural perfume is incredible.
This formula is a unique formula for its quality and effectiveness. And it serves as a seal for the fluid booster skins. Protects and repairs the skin. And it can reinforce any cream on very dry skin.
It can be applied to the external intimate area.
If the sun has activated melanin, we have to resort to our novelty:
The incredible innovation for the treatment of spots of any origin, thanks to its encapsulated active ingredients of kojic acid and arbutin, and because it is post-inflammatory, as it is formulated with tranexamic acid, arnica (natural anti-inflammatory, which is why the color is yellow in the formula). and niacinamide, to maintain the depigmenting action.
In case you have dark pigmented circles under your eyes, this is your remedy of choice.
MORNINGS. In the mornings, now is the time to hydrate, with the Instant repair booster or the Restore look multitask serum (which also works for the eye contour, if the dark circles are purplish). Then, sun protection, with or without color.
NIGHTS. At night, we will perform the following routine:
  1. We repeat the cleaning with Cleanser Balm oil . 
  2. We will apply Glicolpeel dtox . On the spots, if they have appeared, Radiance Clear depigmentation .
  3. Antioxidants that act from the deepest layers: Revital Premium booster. With Vitamin C with Gold and Glutathione, encapsulated Retinol, Vitamin E. Redensifying hydramine, which provides firmness, and turmeric and ginger.
  4. DNA REPAIR cream , ideal for repairing DNA fractions affected by the sun, thereby mitigating spots and wrinkles that may have appeared.
  5. Supreme Revival serum in oil if the skin is very dry, reinforcing the barrier and repair function.
The most important thing in any beauty ritual is knowing how to apply the products for greater effectiveness. This is possible with facial yoga exercises or with tools such as GUA-SHA or the gemstone roller, GEMAS, as they help by carrying out lymphatic drainage in the eye area, also toning the muscles of the facial oval and the cheekbones, neck and neckline. We must not forget to do the same on the back of the hands, which end up giving us away...
You can apply any of our boosters on the face and body, it works for all those areas that can be somewhat problematic, as well as the hands, which age a lot, and it is not good to do your nails and forget the skin on your hands. .
A preventive and corrective hand routine:
Glycolpeel dtox
Instant repair (hands and cuticles)
Radiance clear depigmentation
Supreme Revival, to seal and redensify fine skin (hands and cuticles).
But... what happens to our mind?
Above all, we must prepare ourselves for returning to our daily routine...And, above all, set our hopes . For all this, we can help ourselves with a roadmap. Perhaps, if you haven't started playing sports, it's your time: Incorporate new activities that improve your well-being.
You are lost? You can write to me and I will guide you.
Recommendations for returning to routine
Reading: rejuvenates our mind.
Learn a language.
Walk, laugh, dance, meet friends and share your experiences from these vacations with them.
Cook and use healthy, wholesome foods. Try to make them as organic as possible; but all, some, the ones you cook the most.
Drink water 2-3 liters daily.
Resting is the key to feeling good.
Mindfulness to regulate the stress that, in a month, you will most likely begin to suffer.
I hope my post has been useful to you and let's start this route until the end of the year.
I await your comments.
Gemma Prudencio Sancho
Pharmacist Cosmetologist
Founder & CEO of Gems Beauty
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