Rutina especial verano - piel y mente

Special summer routine - skin and mind

We have just started summer; If you did the spring routines, your skin will thank you because it will be more hydrated, protected and prepared for the summer sun and excessive heat and air conditioners.

Let's start with the skin, what does it need?

  1. Gentle cleansing: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser appropriate for your skin type. This will remove excess oil, sweat and waste accumulated during the day.

New: Our Oil Balm, ideal for removing makeup and dirt.

2. Sun protection: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Make sure to cover all exposed areas of skin and reapply every 2 hours, especially if you are outdoors.

  1. Hydration: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water and using a light moisturizer. Opt for non-comedogenic formulas to avoid clogging pores.

I recommend the Instant repair skin booster, before going to the beach or pool and before your sunscreen. And after the shower to repair sun damage. If your skin is combination and/or dry, apply the repairing mask cream with cotton extract, DNA REPAIR CREAM , every night, repairing damaged DNA fractions and correcting wrinkles and spots.

  1. Gentle exfoliation: Perform a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Use an exfoliant suitable for your skin type and avoid rubbing too hard to avoid irritating it.

If you perform a peel at night before applying DNA REPAIR CREAM-MASK, you will further enhance skin recovery.

  1. Lip protection: Don't forget to protect your lips with a lip balm that contains SPF. Lips can also suffer damage from sun exposure.

You can apply skin booster Instant repair on your lips before your lip balm.

  1. Antioxidants: Consider using products with antioxidants, such as vitamin C, resveratrol, Beta carotene, green tea... These help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. In summer, more than ever, think about green, and colorful fruits and vegetables.

As an ideal complement, One Revital , internal sun damage recovery.

  1. Post-sun care: After being exposed to the sun, use soothing and cooling products to help soothe the skin. You can opt for products with aloe vera or calendula gel.

The choice for this summer?

Instant Repair + DNA REPAIR CREAM

I remind you that how the products are applied is very important.

You must take your space, relaxed, breathing deeply: Mindfulness.

And perform the ideal facial Yoga exercises for correct absorption.

Do you want me to clarify any steps for you? You can write to me and I will make you a personalized routine.

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