We take care of our facial skin daily with creams, serums, masks, but… Do we take care of the skin of our neckline? Probably not, because we are always in a hurry.
For this reason, today I want to give some advice on skin care for the neckline to remember that we should give it more importance and take care of it as much or more than other parts of the body, it is also one of the most sensual parts of women and now in summer we must pay close attention to it.

It can go unnoticed in winter, but showing off beautiful skin on the neckline is key, since it is the continuation of our neck, everything must go in line, imagine a face with divine skin and a super aged neckline.

The skin of the neckline is a much thinner skin than that of the rest of the body and does not have any type of adipose support, the main problems that tend to accumulate are spots, wrinkles (known as rings of Venus), loss of firmness and dehydration. To avoid this, we propose different treatments:


  • A good exfoliation that prepares the skin should be the first thing before starting other routines: Isn't it true that we frequently apply exfoliations on the face and body? Well, this is the time not to forget our neckline. And of course protect the neckline from the sun.
  • Massage the area to firm and strengthen the skin, this will increase blood flow. Only with your hands and a little cream or serum you will be able to provide an instant luminosity. I recommend a cosmetic concentrated in firming and moisturizing active ingredients, a skin booster. The massage that will tone this type of skin the most consists of making circular movements with small pinches to stimulate circulation, while massaging yourself following the muscles from top to bottom. You can make a mask from time to time after the application of the booster.
  • Exercise: you can perform a series of specific exercises to keep the skin smooth for much longer by slowing down the appearance of wrinkles, for example, using an elastic band stretching it horizontally parallel to our body by opening and closing our arms. Weights and fitness in the gym are also ideal for strengthening the muscular part, but like everything, it should be combined with active cosmetics that improve the elasticity of the skin and provide firmness.


Do you want to know the best booster to rejuvenate your neckline in summer?
If yes, keep reading…

We are going to prepare the skin and exfoliate it with Glicolpeel Dtox every night, face, neck and décolletage: rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic and lactic acid, the latter a biotic post to keep our microbiome healthy.
Once Glicolpeel has been absorbed, we apply Instant Firming, tightening and firming thanks to its active ingredients, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is progressively activated.
An excellent combination to tighten, redensify the thin skin of the neckline and hydrate it. DMAE, Tens up, Hydramine, Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.
If you want to know more about these active ingredients and their efficacy studies, I invite you to write to me and I will inform you about each one.


You need this skin booster if:

  • You are over 40 and you notice some sagging in the face or body area, after pregnancy it is easy and it is time to start using INSTANT FIRMING. It is a facial and body booster.
  • If you notice the area of ​​the face that went from V to U, and some jowls from the use of mobile. We must fight with the force of gravity, with facial Yoga exercises and repeated ascending massage and with daily routines.
  • If you go to the gym regularly, you have a firm muscular body but your skin is devitalized, dry and not very smooth.
  • If your upper eyelids notice they lose elasticity. We will have to work them every day with these assets.

The best thing is a personalized diagnosis with which I will help you to perform exercises and massages with these assets.

That is, the ideal routine:
- Before going to sleep, apply Glicolpeel Dtox after removing make-up or showering, in the case of the neckline. While you sleep, a peeling will take place that prepares the skin, activates cell renewal, which is slower with age, and leaves the skin hydrated, uniforming the tone if you have spots.
- Subsequently, once the Glycolpeel is absorbed, apply Instant Firming through specific massages, and if your skin is dry, apply an oil or cream afterwards, or even if you have time, a mask. Occlusion assets will be better absorbed.
- Every morning, when you wake up, after removing make-up again or after taking a shower, the treatment will continue with the Instant Firming ampoules through massages that activate circulation and tone your muscles and a high-protection sunscreen if you are wearing neckline…


I invite you to learn facial yoga exercises, it is an ideal therapy in which you combine specific repetitive movements with massage with the product, which will help the active ingredients to penetrate better.

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Remember, stress is premature ageing, and a good massage helps to relax as well as activating circulation and facilitating the penetration of active ingredients.
You already go to the gym and take care of all your muscles and your heart with aerobic exercises and fitness. But the face, neck and décolletage also need it and remember…






Would you like to know more about this therapy, FACIAL YOGA?


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