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If you are afraid of turning years and feel bad, if you would like to correct the signs of aging naturally, if you want to know about treatments and therapies to age with health and beauty, this article interests you.

The flaccidity gives us away…. How to prevent and correct sagging?

Sagging after 40 is something that worries us. FACE, NECK AND NECKLINE reveal our age.

We take care of our facial skin daily with creams, serums, masks, but…

Do we take care of the skin of our neck and décolleté?

The neck and décolletage is one of the most sensual parts of women and sometimes forgotten in daily treatments due to the rush.
We should take advantage of autumn as the restorative month of summer in every way:

RENEWAL PLAN with exfoliating and tightening, moisturizing and redensifying active ingredients.

Face, neck and neckline must all go together, imagine a face with divine skin and super aged neckline.
The skin of the neckline is a much thinner skin than that of the rest of the body and does not have any type of adipose support, the main problems that tend to accumulate are spots, wrinkles (known as rings of Venus), loss of firmness and dehydration.


To prevent I propose different treatments:

A good exfoliation that prepares the skin should come first before starting other routines. And of course, protect your face, neck and décolletage from the sun if you do sports outdoors with sunscreen.
A concentrated skin booster that allows a massage and then a regular firming cream. There are specific massages for this area.
Massage the area to firm and strengthen the skin, this will increase blood flow.
Just with your hands and a little cream or serum you will be able to provide instant luminosity.
The massage should be through circular movements with small pinches to stimulate circulation, while you massage following the fibers of the muscles.
Skin fitness: Toning and stretching: Exercising with and without weights and stretching, you can recommend performing a series of specific exercises to keep the skin smooth for much longer by slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, for example, by stretching it with an elastic band. horizontally parallel to our body by opening and closing the arms.

When to start treatment?

You go from 35-40 and you notice some sagging in the face or body area, during pregnancy and after pregnancies, it's time to start...


Around 50, if you notice the area of ​​the face that is inverting the shape of the facial oval, it goes from V to U, and you see some double chin.

Remember that using the phone for many hours. favors the formation of double chin.

Skin Fitness Tip: Counter posture with upward neck stretches and upward neck massages.


If you usually go to the gym regularly, you have a muscularly firm body but your skin feels lifeless, dry and not very smooth.



If you notice the upper eyelids lose elasticity.

We must work on them every day in the same way... in our daily routines with active firming cosmetics.

With which cosmeceutical active ingredients will we correct flaccidity?

Age is unforgiving and all cellular mechanisms slow down, so we have to provide active ingredients that reactivate our synthesis of collagen, proteoglycans, stem cells and hyaluronic acid.

Have you heard of...

Retinol formulated better encapsulated to prevent irritation and to penetrate into the deeper layers. Activates collagen, smoothes wrinkles.
Vitamin C, an antioxidant that activates the formation of collagen and has an anti-stain action, combined with gold subparticles and Glutathione.
DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), firming tensor par excellence as well as improving wrinkles.
Tens up, oligosaccharides from chicory root (CICHORIUM INTYBUS L.), is an active ingredient with a proven efficacy study. These oligosaccharides are injected into a three-dimensional matrix, the Matrix 3D, which will release them sequentially once applied to the skin. Present double action:


It acts as an instant and “medium-term” tensor, through the sequential release of the active ingredient.

Hydramine, moisturizing and redensifying effect, recovers the skin's turgor and elasticity, and maintains the skin's water level by creating a semi-permeable membrane.
In addition, it corrects age spots.
Aloe vera, moisturizing and repairing the skin. Biological protector.
Hyaluronic acid, Moisturizing and firming as we know, retains the water molecule rejuvenating the skin from the first applications,
Marine collagen, tensor effect.


Where do you find these assets?

You can now make your SPA at home
The ideal FIRMING SKIN FITNESS routine:

Since the pandemic began, we tend to carry out more treatments at home ourselves, the same with all the tutorials present on the networks given by experts.

Wanting to pamper ourselves is the first step of any beauty routine.
“Beauty is a feeling” Gemma


Rejuvenator at night

What better formula than the only one that incorporates the three vitamins but conveyed for better penetration.

INNOVATION with Revital Premium

  • VITAMIN C with gold and Glutathione subparticles to stabilize it and penetrate deeper layers.

  • VITAMIN E, enhances C, nourishes the skin.
    ENCAPSULATED RETINOL, activates collagen and enhances the previous ones, smoothes pores

  • TURMERIC AND GINGER, antioxidants

  • HYDRAMIN, redensifies and retains water

  • HYALURONIC ACID, repairing moisturizer.



INSTANT FIRMING SKIN BOOSTER, face, neck and neckline, with skin fitness routines.


Firming with highly concentrated active ingredients such as those explained above, DMAE, Tens up and redensifying Hydramine.
Do you go to the gym? Well Instant Firming ideal after your toning exercises.

If what you want is to revitalize and provide smoothness and a good face, neck and luminous neckline, INSTANT BEAUTY will be your ally skin booster with an instant and progressive effect.



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  • Innovation and Cosmetic Quality Award 2020
  • Pasteur Prize of the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness 2020, in Pharmacy Research.
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