Slow aging, Tecnología Avanzada Led con skin Boosters personalizados

Slow aging, Advanced Led Technology with custom skin Boosters

Rejuvenate the skin, or age slowly?
For each skin treatment, there is a type of light and a skin booster.
If we look good we feel better, right?
Aging slowly is achieved with routines and rituals that, in our Gems Beauty philosophy of life and work, are called Beautylife:
Eat well, rest, meditate, manage emotions and create healthy and conscious beauty habits with advanced and personalized cosmeceuticals according to our needs.
Photodynamic therapy with LED technology, visible light, has been shown to promote rejuvenation and repair skin conditions. It has a direct action on the skin, with different actions depending on the color emitted. This color is determined by the wavelength.
What is LED technology?
LED phototherapy consists of the use of “cold light” for skin care. It involves irradiating the area to be treated (skin, hair, nails...) with light that has different wavelengths that transmit energy to our cells so that they work optimally and function at their maximum performance.
LED light is a visible light that does not heat the skin or cause pain, unlike lasers. The mechanism is through the activation of our photoreceptors, producing a series of biological responses that modify some of the cellular structures, thus repairing the tissues.
With scientific evidence and developed by NASA, LED Light therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, activates circulation and accelerates tissue repair.
What can we achieve with photodynamic therapy?
  • Improve rosacea
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin spots.
  • Acne, marks and scars.
  • Activate wound healing.
  • Correct premature aging.
The best-known LED therapies that slow down aging are thanks to red light that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and cell renewal , which we know slows down their formation over time.
After a few sessions we will see ourselves with fewer wrinkles and more radiant skin, improving texture and firmness.
But with this red light, we can enhance its effects with our skin Boosters, concentrated liquids of active ingredients that, if applied, enhance the antioxidant and repairing action of the treatment.
Protocol, Beauty Bar LED + Gemma's Dream
20-minute session of LED light, at the frequency recommended by the professional, always on clean skin, we can apply Instant Firming or Instant Repair to enhance the action.
And as a post treatment:
We apply Instant Firming, massaging with the same ampoule.
At home we must continue with the cosmeceutical routine that the professional recommends, Restore look serum and Revital Premium are highly recommended.
Nutraceutical: One Hyaluronic and One. Revital

-Blue LEDs stop the development of the bacteria responsible for acne .
In this case we would combine it with the Glicolpeel Dtox ampoule at the end of the treatment and at home.
And nutritional supplements with Zn and Probiotics.
- Yellow LED, ideal for reducing skin redness.
Prepare the skin with Instant Repair and continue the treatment at home with Glicolpeel dtox and Revital premium at night.
-The LED, like green, is effective in reducing tone, reducing redness and inflammation and spots.
The post-treatment product of choice would be Restore look Serum.
Nutraceutical: Omega 3.6.9

Generally, the action protocol is six weeks of treatment and then maintenance is required, both with the lamp and the cosmeceutical.
Advantages over other treatments:
  • It is NOT invasive.
  • It does not cause any type of discomfort, pain or burns.
  • It does not require aftercare, so you can continue doing your daily routines with cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.
  • It is compatible with other skin treatments.
  • It easily adapts to any skin type.
  • Through blue light, the bacteria that cause acne are killed by 50%.
  • Makes hair and nails grow faster.
If you want more information about this super treatment, write to me and I'll explain where you can do it in Barcelona and how to combine it with the skin Boosters.
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