Sueña, pero en grande!  Gemma's Dream

Dream, but big! Gemma's Dream

Without dreams there are no illusions... Our unconscious provokes our conscience. Illusions keep us alive and help us feel good.

When something excites us we transform. It is therefore about being excited for as long as possible.

That is why I like to talk about my dreams, my experiences that I live daily to achieve my dreams and I want to reflect it in my posts to be able to help dreamers who like me try to improve themselves day by day, making their dreams more and more conscious. ;)

They always told me Gemma is in her world...and my world was always to create beauty, health, well-being...innovate!!!

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With all these years of life experience, more than 53, I have learned that money is good but what you have to know is how to manage it. Because as it comes it can go...

My business dates back a few years, 2017, and my relationship with money is something that is evolving daily. Well, it wasn't until I was 48 that I had to learn to manage it. It seems like a joke, right?

With money you can buy a house, but not a home. I lost it, and it wasn't the money that was to blame, but the people who managed the money.

With money you can buy medicine, but not health. I have gone through low times, with stress that affects me and you need not only medications but alternative therapies that are worth a lot of money.

With money you can buy sex, but not love.

Money supports a family, but it does not make them happy.

With money you can pay someone's work, but not their loyalty.

Our focus is to be in our inner reality, what we think and feel are aligned. If they are, you will attract the outside reality.

That is to say, external reality is the reflection of our internal world.

My inner world was always very rich in imagination, goals, illusions...

and yours? Analyze your interior, let's start with this exercise.

When you are mentally rich, your entire outer reality will end up obeying your inner reality.

So it's better if you dream big, don't you think?

One of my strong points is perseverance and will. Keys to advance in the dream.

But impatience is my enemy. Generates anxiety and stress. And that's where I have to create my strict routines to overcome them.

The pandemic has affected us all, learning to live with patience is my destiny...

How to improve ourselves a little more every day?

Gabriel García Márquez said that life is nothing but a continuous succession of opportunities to survive.

Preparing is not only studying to obtain an academic degree but also being able to:

. Learn to be alone with ourselves, know who we are and where we are going.
Many times I feel alone in my dream. I have learned that everything depends on me, I am in charge of bringing my own provision and personal and professional growth.

. Learn to manage emotions, go from euphoria to sadness. Anxiety to get orders, .... always in an adventure there is a desert, where no one helps us. Whatever type of desert it is: financial, spiritual, family... everything has an end, so let's try to handle it as best as possible and with optimism. This desert awakens our creativity, see it as something positive to grow.

Let's try to avoid complaints because it can anchor us in the place we are and not allow us to evolve. The fault of what happens to us is ours alone. Let's learn to accept and live from our mistakes.

Attitude is beauty and health, it can make me well or sick.

Attitude will determine my successes or failures and will determine whether my dreams live or die.
My attitude will determine my access to important people or their distance.

It is true that ADHD makes you very selective, and you do not like to go with many people in a pack. You are more individual, perhaps because you feel strange sometimes due to some limitations.

. Open the mind, extend the internal and external limits. If your internal limits are small, everything can bother us, if we expand them no one will stop us and we will improve our self-esteem.

. Resistance, enduring the pressure of some times but with more rest, and mindfulness.

I have collected these laws of success from a book that I want to share with you, very interesting:

1. The Law of Speed : The faster I move toward my goal, the faster my goal moves toward me.

2. Law of magnetism : the more success I have, the more success I attract.

3. Law of perseverance : the more important what I want is, the more perseverance I must have. If you find it difficult to achieve something it is because you dream big things.

4. Law of possibilities : there is always more than one possibility and more than one solution.

5. Law of abundance: there is enough for everyone. If you love and care, you value what you have today, that is the guarantee that you can manage much greater things.

Life is not measured by the years lived, but by the achievements obtained.

We may want to grow financially or emotionally, but if we do not have an attitude and character built to sustain it over time, we will lose it.

It is a daily work, it is not enough to reach the goal but to be able to sustain and multiply it.

You must train your mind every day just as you take care of your skin and your body.

Do not forget. Without training we make false steps and have frustrations.

In the next post we will talk about planning your dreams, which is key to achieving them.

But I leave you an exercise, write down what your dream or illusion is for next 2024 and for 2030. How do you see yourself?

Dream big !!

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