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Do you look bad, do you feel lacking energy, concentration and stress? Premium Nutricosmetics

This is a story that I must explain to you...

I am a neurodivergent person (ADHD) with what that entails, but this is another chapter of my story for another article...

What is important now is to highlight that people with ADHD generate more stress than usual, due to our hyperactivity, impatience and lack of concentration.

I am going to focus on an orthomolecular product, a nutritional supplement for health, beauty and well-being, that is helping me a lot not only with hyperactivity, fatigue and lack of concentration, but also in reducing my stress levels, it is incredible how I feel, and Only with a pot, my mind has "wings".

My hyperactivity when I was little was more physical, with age it has become mental, sometimes with obsessive thoughts. As I already know, I try to manage it, that is the great challenge of my life, emotional management , and that is why I share my secrets with you, not only of beauty, but of health and well-being.

Mindfulness, meditation, good nutrition, rest and a positive and excited mind, full of dreams. But sometimes stress and fatigue invade us, and we do not fulfill all our responsibilities and we need boosters to help us internally balance our body.

But to all this, add menopause, the decrease in estrogen, this great change in my body at age 50, along with daily stress, has caused episodes that have greatly affected my quality of life.

I don't know if you can relate; If yes, continue reading my post.

I announce that within my catalog of Gems Beauty formulas, I am going to go hand in hand with Dani Ciscar from Scientific Nutrition Barcelona.

Dani Ciscar, is an expert in Orthomolecular and biochemical Nutrition, researcher and formulator of a revolutionary and innovative supplement, the creator of this wonderful formula that I present to you and that I will have in my catalog.

Gemma Prudencio and Dani Ciscar

ENERGY PRO DETOX , what is it?

detoxification and energy

Obtaining a state of full health is essential to achieve the desired Beautylife, since improving our health and quality of life from within is reflected from the outside.

And the truth is that since I have been taking these powerful "powders" I not only feel better, more focused, my hair is more abundant and my nails are stronger, that is, just like when you look good your mind is more motivated and positive. When certain molecules, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants... are balanced from within, your skin collaterally benefits.

Our goal is to ensure that the biological age is less than the chronological age, and that is achieved with healthy habits, as I said, by altering our epigenetics, the reversible genes with habits and pharmaceutical quality formulas.

We need to provide our body with everything it needs to be in its maximum state of functional fullness, and in this way ensure that all our internal cellular fullness and joviality is reflected in the external one.

 Help your body from the inside to reach maximum health potential

Go figure!!

Gemma's Dream on the outside, divine skin and Energy Pro Detox on the inside, take off and fly...

What does Energy Pro Detox provide?

Energy pro detox provides 33 highly purified substances , which are aimed at reducing aging, providing a high antiaging potential and a high detoxifying potential (elimination of internal toxins), thereby achieving not only improving your beauty (better quality of hair, skin and nails), but to improve your state of physical and mental health.


energy pro detox components

If there is a high level of oxidative stress and a high level of toxics (heavy metals and toxic non-metals), it will not only affect your internal health, but also your external health.

Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals, together with Routines and Rituals = Quality of skin and life

Topical treatment is key to skin transformation, which we see. Cosmeceutical with encapsulated active ingredients such as Revital Premium , Restore look , Supreme Revival , Instant repair and Instant Firming work the skin from the deepest layers to the most superficial and vice versa.

That you feel relaxed inside also benefits the absorption of cosmeceutical active ingredients.

Hundreds of people who have taken and takeEnergy Pro Detox have already been able to achieve not only an improvement in their external beauty, but also, all this change has been accompanied by an improvement in their overall health, more energy, less fatigue and better condition. mood in general.

This product is intended for anyone who wants:

-Obtain a higher level of physical and mental energy while reducing stress.

-Decrease oxidative stress, cellular aging and increase its antiaging potential

-Improve your immune system and be able to achieve a full state of health

-Improve your microbiota and intestinal permeability.

-Obtain a completely healthy and youthful state of skin, hair and nails.

Energy Pro Detox , in short, is a revolutionary and innovative supplement, a benchmark in the field of nutricosmetics, in which you will not only be able to assess how your external state changes, but you will also be able to scientifically quantify (with analytics) that all Factors related to internal and external health improve.

The 6 most important pillars in human health are addressed by energy pro detox, thereby improving any pathological and/or dysfunctional circumstance, as well as obtaining greater performance and results at a sporting level.

At a sporting level it is very interesting to know that More than 50 elite athletes have currently achieved better marks in their competitions, having gone much further at a competitive level.

We understand that the body and mind, when subjected to intense training and greater demands (physical and mental), must obtain a whole series of nutrients and substances to maximize all of their abilities. Being able to perform at 100% physically and cognitively is what it takes. the person or team to achieve excellence at a competitive level.

Are you 55 years old and want to look 40? Well, write to me to introduce this fantastic nutritional supplement into your regular routine.

A personalized routine is the key to success.

Gemma Prudencio Sancho

Pharmacist Cosmetologist

Gems Beauty Lab

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