Premios Madrid Magazine a la trayectoria profesional

Recognition of my career Gems Beauty, Madrid Magazine

How excited to have received this recognition for my career, even though I am in the middle of it, hehe!

After so many years, having my work recognized is an honor, thank you Madrid Magazine!!

In 1998, I decided to pursue the dream I had since I was little. Change the concept of beauty, transform the skin, but also the minds of people, so that they feel good about themselves.

I saw that, even though I had beautiful skin, I didn't feel good. I wanted to be perfect... and this obsession with perfect beauty took its toll on me.

Obsessions, manias, demands on oneself, impulsivity, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, insecurities, fears, ... all of this appears in our lives from time to time and we must learn to manage it.

Four out of ten Spaniards admit that they do not feel well. Report prepared by the Spanish Mental Health Confederation and the Mútua Madrileña Foundation, in which 74.7% of the population determines that this essential factor, mental health for well-being, has worsened in our country since the pandemic, wars, Work stress...everything takes its toll on our minds. And since the mind and the skin are closely linked from the moment we are born, in the ectoderm: we must take care of it like a treasure.

What is true is that looking good helps you feel better.

Everything goes with our perception. Beauty is accepting yourself as you are.

I have discovered over the years that each skin needs a different routine . Better said: each person, how they live, their lifestyle, is key to optimal results.

How to apply cosmeceuticals is very important , being aware of what you apply, being calm when you do it, breathing calmly and serenely, facilitates the absorption of active ingredients, and the massage itself reduces our cortisol, the stress hormone that ages us prematurely. I have named this process mindful beauty .

With a long history of successes, failures... pandemics, wars... this recognition is like oxygen for me and my team, it motivates me to continue creating routines and rituals that help transform the skin and mind.

In 2018 we launched my brands Gemma's Dream and Oneceutic with my own company Gems Beauty Lab, with the idea of ​​leaving a mark on the world, a mark of quality, effectiveness and positive emotions with beautylife rituals and routines, the G represents beauty, security , positive emotions, health, well-being...

Everyone's dream to achieve beauty, health and well-being.

Science advances and every time in skin care there are active ingredients that naturally make your skin radiate luminosity and soften the signs of aging, without surgery or aesthetic medicine. First, take care of the skin topically, then some natural touch-ups and train the mind to accept that we cannot have the face of a 25-year-old girl at 60 years old. Run away from perfection.

Who would have thought that after 25 years I would still be in what I consider my passion: Innovating and developing elixirs of youth, with routines and rituals.

I still remember when I started my adventure when I was 25 years old, at the factory they couldn't believe it... and we are still circulating and creating more and better formulations with my own brand and for third parties.

So much so that what has worked for me at 53 years old, I need to share it and help adolescents, adults and women already in menopause who suffer because they look and feel bad.

Many people feel lost, they don't know what to put on their skin. They don't like themselves, they feel insecure, they have low self-esteem... With my Method and personalized advice, they help design that simple routine and ritual of personal transformation.

Conferences, talks and training courses are the idea to be able to transfer my knowledge and personal and professional experiences.

A book will be coming out soon about what has worked for me. A book made with great love about my story and that of my friend Isabel Holgado, both neurodivergent or with ADHD. Different women... Clueless in many aspects, but in what we like we have a gift. My storytelling with her explains what this disorder is and aims to be a survival manual for many women .

My life has not been easy emotionally, and what better than my experience to encourage and motivate clueless, chaotic, disordered people, who do not like or love each other, demand a lot from themselves, or are afraid of growing old and feeling alone...and not They know where to start.

The dream of beauty, my dream... which in the end is the one who pursues me so that I do not abandon him.

The combination of cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics along with exercise and meditation has helped me a lot to get here.

Good nutrition and rest, mindfulness: these are the keys to my success.

Managing stress and anxiety is the key not only for us who probably have more mental health problems, but for everyone: today mental illnesses are our great daily war. The world is chaos and everything is going so fast that our minds are being altered... it is the great pandemic of the century, and we must learn to live with it.

So I am going to brag about having this award, which I consider not only for my professional work but also for my personal career, for having overcome many things, adapting to the stressful environment in which we live.

This Award is dedicated to my team who began the adventure in 1998, and of course to my two sons Víctor and Oriol, who have lived through difficult times but who, thanks to these moments, have become stronger. We are beginning a great stage, becoming more aware every day of who we are and how far we want to go.

Remember: take care of your skin, body and don't forget your mind.

Don't abandon yourself and don't abandon your dreams.

Thanks to Madrid Magazine and to all of you for your support of the Gemma's Dream and Oneceutic formulas that are becoming more known every day and will leave a beautiful beautylife mark on the world.

Gemma Prudencio Sancho
Founder&CEO Gems Beauty

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