Un año de éxitos para Gemma Prudencio y Gems Beauty Lab

A successful year for Gemma Prudencio and Gems Beauty Lab

The Gems Beauty Lab firm is the work of the concern and interest in beauty of its founder, Gemma Prudencio Sancho, graduated from the University of Barcelona in Pharmacy and Cosmetology. Currently, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, she has developed formulas for health and beauty skin professionals, has participated in the development of products for recognized brands in the sector and is a mentor in cosmeceutical formulations of Doctors and Surgeons of international prestige. And this year 2020, his work has been recognized with two recognized awards.


It was on September 24 when the newspaper La Razón held the IX edition of the A TU SALUD Awards, the annual event that recognizes innovation and research effort in the field of Health and Medicine in our country. Gemma Prudencio's firm, Gems Beauty Lab received the award for quality and innovation in cosmetic products.

Pasteur Awards for Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Research 2020

The first edition of the Pasteur Awards for Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Research took place on December 11 at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. These awards are intended to recognize the work of professionals from the scientific, research and medical world. Gemma Prudencio was awarded in orientation to beauty, health and well-being, as well as "artistic pharmacist" specialized in Cosmetology.

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