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Onevital C | Vitamins & Collagen Shot Serum

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Concentrated serum with vitamins C, E and revitalizing, antioxidant and firming active ingredients, such as marine collagen.

Prevents and corrects flaccidity, providing a flash effect and progressive vitality of treatment.

Its actives protect against environmental pollution.
Ideal as a pre-makeup, as a face illuminator, providing smoothness.


  • 10% Germinated from a Wheat protein
  • 3% Pure Marine Collagen
  • 2% Kakadú Plum Extract (10% richer in Vitamin C than lemon)
  • 1% silk proteins (silk hydrolyzate)
  • 91.34% Ingredients of natural origin

Instructions for use

  • Apply the serum directly every morning.
  • It can be applied carefully around the eyes, to raise the eyelids, cheekbones, neck, neckline.

Treatment protocols

For all skin types from 20-25 years old.


Uses and precautions

  1. 1.Shake before use
  2. 2.Wash your face well
  3. 3.Apply the Serum giving a light massage

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Do not apply on irritated skin.

For topical use

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