3 Factores que no conocías e inciden en tu envejecimiento prematuro

3 Factors that you didn't know about that affect your premature aging

My name is Gemma Prudencio Sancho, GPS Beautylife, name of a pharmaceutical artist, creator of beauty, health and well-being. My initials already indicate that I like to guide others about GPS ;)
Since I was little I had the curiosity and constant concern to know how the skin ages, how wrinkles, spots, sagging, etc. originate.
Why do we age?, What are cosmetics for?, How could I always appear youthful?, How to be happy?, What is it that makes many beautiful people, no matter how much they look in the mirror, not like themselves? And vice versa, not very attractive people feel divine?...
Over the years, I have seen that negative emotions such as stress, anger, jealousy... played a fundamental role in premature aging, in addition to causing skin diseases due to excess cortisol, causing chronic inflammation that causes diseases.
With everything that has been happening to me, I have wanted to innovate and create products and treatments to feel better and subsequently create and communicate their benefits.
Since adolescence, acne, feeling fat, different, acceptance of my nose, my scars.....
In adulthood, raising my teenage children separately and living in toxic relationships.
Divorce, starting from scratch,... accepting and adapting, is the secret formula.
And always try to be half full or very full of energy... knowing how to stop when the body and mind ask for it and replenish energy when necessary.
Communicating with myself and with others, I am passionate about and it is a formula that also works.
I not only innovate products but health and well-being formulas.
Let's say that Gems Beauty Lab is a laboratory of innovation and creation of Beautylife treatments to transform the skin, being and soul of people .
The skin is the reflection of our interior, we must take care of it on the outside with advanced cosmeceuticals but also on the inside, taking care of our emotional state and maintaining a healthy diet (BEAUTYLIFE Method, the Gems Method being the one that will help you prevent premature aging of the skin and correct unwanted signs of aging, naturally).
It will depend on us whether or not we age with quality of life, and prevent premature aging. We know that 25% is genetic and 75% depends on the exposome, our lifestyle, beautylife.
Discover below 3 factors that negatively influence your premature aging.
  1. CELLULAR OXIDATION An excess of free radicals ages prematurely.
Whether you move or don't move, we are in continuous oxidation, just by breathing... we rust. So we must provide both our skin and body with antioxidants.
Continued oxidation without extra contribution causes chronic internal inflammation that leads to diseases.
  1. EMOTIONS, WE ARE WHAT WE FEEL WE ARE : our emotions, our inner beauty, positive feelings, contribute to our happiness.
We must train our minds to uncertainty and happiness, even if it is with imagination. It is proven that positive imagination, listening to stories or watching beautiful movies gives us well-being.
Happiness is a path... every day we must strive to be better people.
Flowing in what we do brings us happiness.
Carrying out rituals and routines in our care balances us and gives peace of mind, it helps us see and feel better.
A facial and body massage is ideal for our beauty and well-being.
Imagine that they apply products to you at the same time, rely on your beauty professional to pamper you, or learn to perform the rituals yourself at home with skin fitness exercises and facial yoga.
  1. FOOD, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT : our diet is essential to feel young.
Take care of the intestines, our second brain, where the digestive, nervous and immune systems are connected. Take care of your intestines, analyze if you should take probiotics, if you have intolerances, parasites that cause disorders...
In other words, we really are not what we eat but rather what our bacteria allow to be absorbed. We must take care of our flora, so that the pathogenic bacteria that cause us diseases do not revolutionize.
Now at 52 I'm worried about maintaining myself... And what's worrying you?
I read you...
If you found these preventive tips interesting, you can share them and leave me any comments.
Happy summer!

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