¿Cómo entrenamos la musculatura facial para prevenir la flacidez y las líneas de expresión?

How do we train facial muscles to prevent sagging and expression lines?

Our goal when we train our muscles in the gym is to have healthy, strengthened muscles, without contractures and with full development of their functionality. In the case of facial muscles we want to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles and sagging.
According to experts in facial gymnastics, there are supporters of training based on stretching, with static activation in some and with muscle work and resistance in others, isometric exercises. Ara Rosón with her Natural Lift Method greatly emphasizes that this is the best way to achieve optimal results and prevent the passage of years.
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But there are professionals who use dynamic activation and I have also seen very good results.
The important thing and what I have verified is that we must invest time in it, create routines and be aware of what we are doing and combine it with cosmeceutical and nutraceutical formulas that help the skin's mechanisms to also change its appearance, providing vitality.

The term Facial Yoga is synonymous with Facial Gymnastics. Facial Yoga does not exist as such.
Now Facial Acupuncture is also starting to be worked on and I find it ideal to combine it with my formulas. I am looking for an expert to help us better understand this treatment so we can share it. I will have news very soon.
Isometric exercise training involves tensing a muscle and holding it in a static position while maintaining tension. The duration of the contraction is what marks the intensity of the exercise. That is, we do not move, but rather remain static in a more or less long contraction.
This type of isometric training not only increases the strength of the muscles, but also the resistance of the ligaments and tendons, increasing the elasticity and tone of the entire muscular system. The greater the strength, the greater the tone.
How to do them?
1.We contract the muscle for 5 seconds.
2 We relax for 2 seconds,
3.We repeat 5 times and finish with a last long contraction.
(Natural Lift Method, Ara Rosón)
With this type of exercises we tone and prevent sagging or sagging, we also promote blood circulation, nourishing the skin and thereby revitalizing it.
Stretching is important, many facial muscles are shortened and contracted due to excess muscle load. You have to work on them like the body ones.
How to correct expression lines through facial gymnastics and our pro aging treatments?
Straining your eyes at the computer, frowning, raising your eyebrows, laughing too much, ... all these gestures cause expression lines, but they also produce muscle decompensations, so that some become shorter than others. That is why we have to stretch to elongate them and thus prevent expression wrinkles from becoming marked.
Gestures are key to our communication and give us our own personality, but one beautiful thing is gesturing and another is having expression lines marked when you are at rest, solution: STRETCHING ROUTINES with your hands and fingers.

How to prevent expression wrinkles with cosmeceuticals?

R estore look Serum / Oneprocare /Instant Repair… these cosmetics incorporate an active ingredient, the X50 Dron, which can be observed in their study how it softens these lines or wrinkles. Correcting them as they are applied. It has a neurodermal action. There is a study where it is seen how this active ingredient acts at the level of the neurons in the skin.


Neuro dermal action
COSMETIC DRONE, an active ingredient that releases a specific ingredient that inhibits calcium entry and competes against SNAP-25 in the formation of the SNARE protein complex.

It selectively targets skin neurons due to the presence of a ligand on its surface that vectorizes the drone to opiate receptors.

These active ingredients together with One·Hyaluronic, a nutritional supplement with hyaluronic acid and collagen, and daily facial gymnastics exercises combined with Beauty tools will make your skin radiant and smooth imperfections and expression lines.
Below I give you some photos of isometric exercises, where you can practice yourself daily, if you create your habits, it will become a daily Routine, and that is where you will achieve excellence.
Start little by little, and relax!!
Choose your ideal time of day and the place you feel comfortable.
Accompany the exercises with deep breathing. I remind you that oxygen on the one hand gives us life and on the other oxidizes us, so it is important to take antioxidants (One·Revital ) and apply them topically ( Revital Premium and Instant Beauty ).
And if you follow me on Instagram @gemsbeautylab, you will see a reel and all the advice I give, so you can see it even more clearly and be encouraged.
Practice them 21 days in a row with the cosmeceutical that your skin needs and you will transform your skin.
  • You shouldn't feel pain.
  • The jaw joint can suffer contractures due to Bruxism, we must be cautious when the jaw is opened too much.
  • Tremor is normal in some exercises, it may indicate muscle weakness
  • Red face is normal due to pressure from the hands.
  • Do not do them if you have had an implant or infiltration, consult your doctor.
  • Isometric exercises are recommended to be done first and then apply the Serum or booster. Because the fingers can slip and not perform them correctly. Or apply it and wait for it to be absorbed well before doing them.

Write to me if you have any questions.

In the following posts we will practice each exercise.
See you soon!
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