Prepara tu piel, con Rutinas y Rituales navideños

Prepare your skin with Christmas Routines and Rituals

We only have one month left until the Christmas holidays, it is time to start doing an intensive luminosity treatment at home, where we will prepare the skin and revitalize it.

It is an intensive Christmas routine that will help us shine inside and out.


The routine should always be simple: cleansing, skin preparation and, in this case, we will provide antioxidants day and night.

Don't forget to choose those minutes at night where you can relax, pamper yourself and breathe deeply, getting rid of the stress of the day. Play relaxing music and aromatherapy, lavender for example. And do your facial yoga exercises.

Practice mindful beauty.

We will work on the skin from the deepest layers to the most superficial, in a relaxing and comfortable environment.


Have you heard about biotech encapsulated assets ?

In our innovative Revital Premium booster, we combine Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with gold and glutathione microparticles, along with encapsulated retinol. Also vitamin E, glucosamine (which plumps the skin and firms), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing), turmeric and ginger.

A complete bomb that activates the formation of collagen and elastin, activates cell regeneration, evens out tone and firms the skin.

Active encapsulation is effectiveness, efficiency and selectivity .

Encapsulated active ingredients act faster and go directly to the cells where they should act, being selective, they do not irritate the skin and allow several active ingredients that would be irritating in their free form to be combined in the same formula.

In addition, of course, to preserving the product better.

The skin has the key function of protecting us from the external environment, it has a barrier function; This barrier is waterproof and, that is why we must prepare it first with active ingredients that break it, such as AHAs (glycolic, lactic, citric, mandelic acid...), included in our exceptional Glicolpeel dtox booster, applied after the Cleansing Balm every night. This is the best solution to prepare it so that the encapsulated active ingredients act even more.

Then we will apply Revital premium every night. This booster, being fluid, penetrates inter and intracellular; In addition, the active retinol is encapsulated, which will penetrate into the deeper layers, activating fibroblasts to synthesize more collagen and elastin, and will enhance the action of vitamin C, which is found with glutathione and gold microparticles.

In the mornings and when you have an event or dinner, trust Instant Beauty : in this formula, vitamin C is free and in the form of ascorbic acid, it is more unstable but it has an antioxidant action on the skin barrier and revitalizes the skin instantly. .

We must also take care of our gaze ; If you sleep poorly, or have bluish dark circles, Restore Look serum corrects expression lines, dark circles and bags. It is a multifunction serum, ideal for simplifying your routine and not having too many products for everything. It is formulated with peptides, also embedded in biopolymers, a biotechnology that allows targeting neurodermal cells, smoothing expression lines. And thanks to oxidized Vitamin K, soften dark circles. The bags are decongested by caffeine and ginger.

So in summary, the steps would be:



1. Cleanser oil balm, cleaning

2. Instant Beauty + sun protection (Restore look cream with protection)

3. Look with Restore look serum



1. Cleanser oil balm

2. Glycolpeel dtox (BEWARE!!!: AHAs, like glycolic acid, can be irritating, so if you don't know if your skin tolerates them, do a test on your wrist or neckline first); A slight sting is normal, but it disappears. Does not require rinsing.

3. Revital Premium Booster , with the antioxidant cocktail.

If your skin is dry, you can add SUPREME REVIVAL SERUM IN OIL , excellent for the face, neck, décolleté, and hair fiber.


This week we have BLACK FRIDAY , an incredible offer until Monday, so you can try the products and give us your opinion.


For more information, do not hesitate to write to me and leave your comments.

Gemma Prudencio Sancho.

Pharmacist Cosmetologist.

CEO & Founder Gems Beauty



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